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Make £10+ in less than 5 mins

We've been getting a lot of messages about an easy way to make ~£15+ using a sign up promo from Trading212*.

We've now been through the process and it's been VERIFIED by our deals team.

Here's how to get your profit 👇👇👇

1️⃣ Sign up to Trading212 here >

2️⃣ Deposit just £1 into an ISA or invest account

3️⃣ Wait up to 3 days (ours took 2 hours) to receive a free share worth up to £100! (we ended up with more like £12-£20 but you may get lucky)

4️⃣ Once you find out what your share is you just need to wait another 3-5 days and then you can sell it and withdraw its value along with your £1.

5️⃣ Enjoy your profit 🤑🤑🤑

*obviously Trading212 are a stock trading company and we would never advise that you invest money unless you know what you're doing.

Offer terms:

Deal Expires: Ends in 7 days

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