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How to get a £1.99 McD’s meal deal without a voucher

Note: Carry this out at your own risk. It seems that some restaurants ask for proof of a voucher and others don't.

Want to save money on your McDonald's order? Follow these instructions for a slightly sneaky way to get a variety of meals for only £1.99.

  1. Find a self service ordering point.
  2. Press 'I have a voucher' - usually in top right of screen.
  3. On the next screen press 'enter code manually' which is in bottom right corner of the screen.
  4. Type in 236457 and two of the following numbers:Add - 45 for Quarter Pounder + fries
    Add - 14 for Big Mac or Chicken + fries
    Add - 76 for Double Cheeseburger + fries
    Add - 52 for Fillet o fish or Nuggets + fries
    Add - 38 for Big Mac/ Chicken with drink
  5. Check out and pay on the machine as normal.
  6. When you get receipt, use your pen and scribble on ANY 5 digit numbers on the survey. Apparently the staff don't usually check this number against anything.
  7. Hand in the ticket receipt to a member of staff if they ask for it.

Enjoy your meal.

Deal Expires: Ongoing

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