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Win a £5 Amazon voucher

Tell us about your most expensive night out – a time you went overboard on the 3am takeaway or spent a bit too much on VKs…

Send us your answer as a voice note via our Whatsapp group (join here if you're not already a member), and the best one will win a £5 Amazon voucher.

We'll also feature a selection of our favourites in our brand new podcast – give it a listen.

Don’t worry, responses on the WhatsApp group will only be sent to us here at Save the Student and no one else, and you can keep in anonymous if you prefer!

NOTE: By sending us your voice note you’re giving us permission to feature it in our new podcast.

What is our new show?

Drum roll… We've launched a new podcast called No More Beans.

It's packed with funny tips and advice to help you save money at uni.

In Episode 6 we’re going to be talking all about saving money on nights out, which is why we want to hear about where all your night out money ends up .

Deal Expires: Ongoing

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