Student Deals

Win a £5 Amazon voucher

Answer this question - "What's the one thing you wish you'd known before starting university?"

Send us your answer as a voice note via our Whatsapp group (join here if you're not already a member), and the best one will win a £5 Amazon voucher.

We'll also feature a selection of our favourites in our brand new podcast - give it a listen.

Don’t worry, responses on the WhatsApp group will only be sent to us here at Save the Student and no one else, and you can keep in anonymous if you prefer!

NOTE: By sending us your voice note you’re giving us permission to feature it in our new podcast.

What is our new show?

Drum roll... We've launched a new podcast called No More Beans.

It's packed with funny tips and advice to help you save money at uni.

In the next episode we’re going to be talking all about freshers week and starting university, which is why we want to hear your advice for this year's new students. 

Deal Expires: Ongoing

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