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£15 cashback and 0.7% interest with Chip AI

Are you lucky enough to have some savings? We've got an exclusive code that can get you £15 cashback and 0.7% savings interest on balances up to £30,000 (FSCS protected).

This is currently the market’s best return on easy access savings.

Here's how to get this rate:

  • Download the Chip app via our link below
  • Complete sign up with all your details (connect your bank account etc)
  • Head to the ‘accounts’ tab
  • Open a ChipAI plan and enter our passcode straight away
  • Deposit money and you'll get your cashback and 0.7% interest

IMPORTANT: When you sign up you'll be put onto the Chip AI plan which costs £1.50 every 28 days.

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Deal Expires: Ongoing

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