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iphone 4sUnfortunately the news of the new Apple iPhone 4S launch has been overshadowed by the death of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

The iPhone 5 was expected to be unveiled at Apple's conference this October but instead it was the iPhone 4S that they eventually announced (making quite a few tech bloggers look a bit silly).

The iPhone 4S is now on sale in the UK (14th October), after having the greatest number of pre-orders ever!

Available in black or white, with 16, 32 and 64GB storage capacities. Prices for the handset start at £499.

Comparing the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 4

The successor to the popular iPhone 4 has the following major improvements:

  • New dual-core chip making the phone twice as fast
  • Improved optics on a 8MP camera with full HD recording (volume button is capture)
  • New antennas for much better reception and faster 3G internet
  • Siri – the incredible personal assistant feature who acts on voice commands (see video below)
  • Pre-installed with iOS 5 and iCloud
  • Up to 14 hours talktime (2G)

Best iPhone 4S deals

The iPhone 4S is available from a number of phone retailers on O2, EE, Three, and Vodafone networks.

So far prices seem somewhat uniform, but, depending on what you need, there are some deals which stand out:

  1. Vodafone – FREE iPhone 4S, 24 month contract, £46 pm for 1,200 minutes
  2. T-Mobile – £99 iPhone 4S, 24 month contract, £35 pm for 600 minutes
  3. Orange – £30 iPhone 4S, 24 month contract, £41 pm for 900 minutes

In terms of customer experience, Vodafone have been highly recommended in the past for good customer service.

We will be updating the deals here over the coming months. In the meantime, make sure you use our mobile comparison tool to get the latest deals on all phones and contracts.

iPhone 4 price drop

If you're not convinced by the latest Apple offering, then the iPhone 4 has dropped in price. You can now get it for free with a £30 a month contract at

Siri on iPhone 4S video

Is there a student discount on the iPhone 4S?

Whilst Apple do offer student discounts on most of their products, there is not one on iPhones (or iPads for that matter). Students used to be able to get a student discount on iPhones but the Apple educational store is limiting its products year on year.

However this doesn't mean that other phone retailer won't be wanting to entice students with special deals, so keep an eye out and if we come across any we'll report them here and in our newsletter.

5 ways to cut the price of the iPhone 4S

No student discount isn't the end of the world, try some other ways to get the cost down:

  1. Staff Discounts – It might be useful to make some friends at the Apple store or get a job there yourself. Last time we checked the staff discount is a high 25%. This could save you around £100.
  2. Get Cashback – Our Student Cashback site offers some great deals on Apple products, typical savings amount to 3% off. Quidco often has exclusive cashback offers too.
  3. Price Comparison Sites – Make sure you're getting the best price with a simple comparison. Use our own tool here.
  4. Refurbs – We know it may be a bit early to be thinking about this but if you are willing to wait then keep it in mind. Keep an eye out on Apple's refurb store where they sell refurbished products for a large discount. It's also worth checking out Ebay and Amazon for refurbished iPhone 4S at a discount over the coming weeks.
  5. Trade in – Apple may offer you a 10% discount if you trade in an old iPod or iPhone. It's worth checking out before you go and buy it full price.

Competitions to win a free iPhone 4S

There will be lots of companies looking to offer the new iPhone as a prize. If you keep on the look out for them then you could save yourself a bunch of cash. is currently running a competition online to win a free iPhone 4S.

Our thoughts are that the iPhone 4S will be a big hit with students this year due to the recognisable design, new hardware, Siri, growing app store and educational use.

Mintel reports have shown a growing number of students are taking to the iPhone and we are sure that you will spot a few 4S's around your university campus.

iPhone 5 release date

The iPhone 5 was anticipated to be released this October. Apple have covered the new product in a shroud of mystery. It could be announced Easter 2012, but probably early summer. Once we know, we will let you know!

One thing that's sure is that it will be one of the most anticipated gadgets of 2012.

We hope that this helps. Check out our student discounts for more discounts.

Recycle your old phone

If you do buy the new iPhone don't forget you can make some easy money by sending off your old phone to one of the recycling companies. Use the simple tool below to get the best possible price:

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