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iPad 3 Student DiscountsThe new iPad has become a must-have gadget for students with some even looking at it as a replacement to the humble laptop.

There may be some confusion over the name but in the end it doesn't really matter. The official name for the new iPad is well… “The New iPad” although some are also referring to it as the iPad 3. Whatever you like to call it, it is one awesome machine.

See below for our take on the new iPad and the best deals on offer that we could find.

Get to the point: Best deals

Outlets are now charging around £399 RRP for the Apple iPad. Our top iPad saving tip is have a browse on eBay. See below for the best deals on iPads right now (scroll or click for more).

Right now there is currently no educational discount available to students on the iPad via Apple. It is £399 for the 16GB version. This also comes with free delivery and an Apple warranty.

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If you'd rather go via a retailer, use Quidco to get cashback of around 3-5%.

Is there a student discount on the iPad3/New iPad

The student discount does not apply for the Apple iPad, partly because it isn't viewed as a student or study essential.

However, you can get a student discount on a number of other Apple products such as MacBooks, iPhones and accessories. Go to the Apple education store for more info here.

There is sometimes a back to school offer on for the new iPad. If you buy the iPad through the Apply education store then you get a £35 Apple gift card.

5 ways to get the new iPad at a discount

If you can't get the educational discount or it is not enough of a discount for you then we have 5 other great ways to get the new iPad or the iPad 3 for a bargain price.

  1. Trade in – We've heard that Apple offers a 10% discount for trading in an old iPod or iPhone. Worth checking with them before splashing the cash (especially if you have an iPad 2).
  2. Price comparison sites – It's easy to compare products online now, so have a look on the likes of Google Products and Kelkoo for the best deals on iPads.
  3. Get cashback – If you buy your iPad online through a retailer listed on Quidco you can expect to receive around 5% cashback. This is more than the educational discount.
  4. Refurbs – Keep an eye on Apple's refurb store where they sell refurbished products at a significant discount. Obviously there will be no refurbs at the start of release but if you bide your time you may find a few. Also check eBay and Amazon for refurbed iPads.
  5. Staff discount – If you work at Apple you get a whopping 25% discount. This is well worth getting a job for. Either that or become best friends with someone that works there ;).
  6. Sell old gadgets – technically this is not a discount but you can sell old gadgets for great prices online. For example, you could sell and old iPad 2 for over £200.

A review of the New iPad

the new iPad student discountTo put it simply: The iPad 3 is pretty much the same design as the iPad 2 but some of the hardware and software has been hugely improved. You can get it in the colour of black and white. The only difference is that it is a bit thicker and heavier.

There are expected to be queues up and down the country and all over the world with people wanting the new iPad for the first few weeks. This will probably mean that there will not be any deals for a while but the iPad is probably worth the cost.

There are 2 cameras still but the best camera on the new iPad is a staggering 5 megapixels. The retina display on the screen is also expected to be one of the best any touch screen device has had with many commenting on the HD look of the display.

You can get the iPad 3 (or New iPad) 4G on contract with the major phone networks (Orange, Vodafone and O2). Going for the contract option slashes the upfront cost but will set you back around £25 for a 24 month period.

The popularity of iPads are growing among students. In the last few years, it was the netbook which was enthusiastically adopted by uni students. The new iPad may be a very big contender to the netbook but it's well worth considering the extra costs of apps that you might have to pay.

Win a free iPad 3: New iPad

If you are strapped for cash and want to get your hands on the new iPad then it may be worth looking for competitions where you can win one. If you keep your eye on the student deals section of the site, there may be iPad competitions posted every now and then.

If you do enter a competition to win the new iPad then good luck to you.

iPad 3 (new iPad) release date

The official release date of the new iPad was the 16th March 2012.

It is inevitable that stock will be low for the first few weeks due to demand but we predict that by around mid April the demand would have dropped off and more student deals will start to come in.

Cheaper alternatives to the New iPad

cheaper alternatives to the new ipadAt £399 the price of the new iPad will most probably be out of most students budgets. You may be looking for an alternative in order

Android by Google are the biggest movers in this market because they run their software on a number of devices rather than just having one. This means that tablets by Samsung etc. will have an android system on them. The android system is open source too which means there are more apps at cheaper prices.

So if you're looking at an iPad 3, it might be worth checking out what else is available before splashing out.

Personally I would recommend the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 with WiFi and 3G (currently just £359 at Amazon). I know two fellow students who are using it (addicted) and have said great things.

Also on offer is the Sony S tablet for just £299 at Amazon (in the new and used section). That makes a saving of around £100.

If you want to have a look at more cheaper alternatives to the new iPad (iPad 3) then take a look here for the best prices.

You can also take a look at our iPad 2 student discount page.

Please be aware that the facts and figures in this article were correct as of the date of publishing. With electronic items, the cost is bound to change throughout time. 

If you find any deals or wrong figures in this article then please let us know in the comments below. Thank you.

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