iPad 2: Getting the best deal

If you are looking for the the new iPad student discount (or iPad 3) the please see our updated guide here. There is information on the cheapest iPad 3 deals as well as cheap alternatives.

iPad 2 launched in the UKEver since the much hyped Apple iPad 2 went on sale, it has been a must-have gadget for lots of students.

Whilst the first iPad was a gadget you really needed a good excuse for, this updated version is much superior.

See below for our take on the iPad 2 and the best deals currently on offer.

SALESApple are currently selling the iPad 2 for £329 including free delivery and a £35 iTunes gift card for students. Both in White and Black and still in stock. Best deal we've found!

Cut to the chase! Best deals

If you are currently a student, there is no educational discount available on the iPad anymore.

Apple currently offer the best price outside of the Apple educational store. £399 for the 16GB version in black. This also comes with free delivery and a £35 iTunes gift card for a short time only.

Get the best deal here >>

You can also try the cashback site Quidco and receive around 5% cashback. This makes the iPad cheaper than the educational discount.

Do Apple offer a student discount on the iPad 2?

The iPad was one of the only Apple products for which their student discount didn't apply. Unfortunately the discount still does not apply.

However, you can get a £35 iTunes gift card if you buy the iPad 2 through the educational store here.

Interestingly, you should be able to get a student discount on the iPhone. Even so, there are some ways you can try to reduce the price of the iPad 2..

5 ways to get the iPad at a discount

  1. Staff discount – If you either work for Apple or know someone who does you might be able to snatch a massive 25% discount.
  2. Get cashback – If you buy your iPad online through a retailer listed on Quidco you can expect to receive around 5% cashback.
  3. Price comparison sites – Nowadays it's easy to find the best price online, so have a scout on the likes of Google Products and Kelkoo for the best deals on iPads.
  4. Refurbs – Keep an eye on Apple's refurb store where they sell refurbished products at a significant discount. All refurbished products come with a standard warranty. Also check eBay and Amazon for refurb iPads.
  5. Trade in – We've heard that Apple offers a 10% discount for trading in an old iPod or iPhone. Worth checking with them before splashing the cash.

How the iPad 2 shapes up

In a nutshell: the iPad 2 is thinner, faster and has a new metallic backing. It comes with FaceTime, two cameras and in both black and white.

Like with the US launch earlier this month, there are already queues for the iPad at official Apple stores. So don't expect to spot any deals around anytime soon, the demand will be high for a while yet. On that note, you can pick up the original iPad at a bargain price, in the region of £300 online.

At pretty much the same price as its predecessor, the iPad 2 is even more attractive. It starts at £329 for the 16GB. For 3GS add another £100 or so. typically offers the best price online for Apple products, bearing in mind free delivery.

You can get the iPad 2 3GS on contract with the major phone networks (Orange, Vodafone and O2). Going for the contract option slashes the upfront cost but will set you back around £25 for a 24 month period.

Competitions to win a free iPad 2

If you really don't want to splash the cash for the latest Apple tablet, then why not enter one of the many competitions to win one? Lots of websites and retailers are using the iPad as a competition prize. Keep tuned into our student deals section for the latest competitions.

We anticipate that the iPad 2 will be a big hit with students this year. The design, functionality and the ever-growing App store make the tablet a great bit of kit for both work and play.

In the last few years, it was the netbook which was enthusiastically adopted by uni students. It seems like the iPad 2 will give the humble netbook a real run for its money. Just be careful you don't get carried away and spend a fortune on useless apps!

Android tablets

If the price of the iPad scares you a little, there are lots of other tablets coming onto the market which may offer you the same functionality at a much more affordable price for students.

Android especially (Google's baby) are making waves in the market, and with their updated 2.2 operating system a lot of students may be considering forfeiting the image and style that comes with an Apple product for value.

So if you're looking at an iPad 2, it might be worth checking out what else is available before splashing out.

Personally I would recommend the Samsung P1000 Galaxy tablet with WiFi and 3G. I know two fellow students who are using it (addicted) and have said great things.

Please be aware that the facts and figures in this article were correct as of the date of publishing. With electronic items, the cost is bound to change throughout time. 

If you find any deals or wrong figures in this article then please let us know in the comments below. Thank you.

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