Father’s Day gift ideas 2018

Father's Day is coming up, and finding an awesome gift on a student budget isn't easy. Luckily, we're here to help with some awesome gift ideas!

This year, Father's Day is on Sunday 19th June. Have you sourced a gift for your old man yet?

We know sourcing something cheap but super impressive isn't the easiest thing to do (particularly during exam period – you're so selfish, Dads!).

The superhero team at Save the Student are here to rescue, with a list of eight top gift ideas for Father's Day!

8 great Father's Day gift ideas

  1. David Beckham EDT

    David Beckham EDT Instinct Gift Guide

    Cost: £10

    Instinct is a classic manly scent by David Beckham. This 30ml bottle will keep your Dad smelling good for ages but we cannot guarantee it will turn him into Becks himself…

    If you have a Superdrug Beauty Card, you can also get this delivered for free, so you save even more money!

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  2. Wilson and Bloom Bee House

    bee housee

    Cost: £10

    Is your Dad a gardener, or maybe just a lover of nature? Bees are dying out, but this cute house can help support them!

    Female bees lay eggs in the holes to start raising bee-utiful (sorry) babies.

    You could get some bee-friendly flowers for your Dad to grow, too!

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  3. Supercar Experience Voucher

    Ferrari Driving

    Cost: £39

    If your Dad has always dreamed about owning a fast car… well, he'll have to wait until you get a well paid graduate job and pay off your student loans first!

    Until then, you can give him a taste of the high life with a ride in a supercar!

    Valid at 25 different locations around the UK, your Dad will choose from a range of fast cars, such as a Porsche or Lamborghini, and drive 3 miles around the track.

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  4. Stadium Tour

    wembley stadium

    Cost: £17 per person

    How about a tour around your Dad's favourite team's stadium? If you can't afford match tickets, this is a great alternative that you two can do together (if football's your thing…).

    Prices vary from one stadium to the next, but for a tour for two around Wembley it's just £17 per person!

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  5. Personalised Song Lyrics Poster

    Untitled design (2)

    Cost: £5 (or free, depending how creative you are)

    This is a great personalised gift for your pops, and it will even fool him into thinking you enjoy his music taste!

    Get the lyrics to your Dad's favourite song or quote printed on a vintage dictionary page. It'll make a great piece of art!

    This costs a fiver using the link below, but if you're on a particularly tight budget and don't have a 5-year-old's handwriting – try making this one yourself.

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  6. Barbershop Candle

    yankee candleCost: £10.39

    Did you know that Yankee Candle have released new, manly-scented candles?

    The Barbershop range is designed to smell like – you guessed it – a barbershop!

    The Barbershop candle is eucalyptus, lavender and amber… sounds pretty masculine anyway!

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  7. Box of Craft Beers

    beer52 craft beer box

    Cost: £29

    This is an awesome idea for Father's Day – a box of 8 craft beers delivered straight to his door (and if you live with your parents, conveniently your door too)!

    Beer52 are a subscription service that pick out the best local beers and post them out to beer lovers to taste.

    You can also sign up for a one-off box that comes with a beer magazine, snack and a personalised card to go with it – two birds, one stone!

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  8. Beer Drinking Hat

    Beer Hat Homer

    Cost: £7.89

    Is your Dad a fan of beer, but reluctant to get off the couch in case he misses a goal during the Euros? Totally understandable – but here's the solution… a beer hat!

    It holds two 330ml cans at once with a straw, allowing for maximum hydration (and drunkeness…).

    Hey, if it's good enough for Homer Simpson, it's good enough for your Dad!

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The Card

fathers day card

At the very least, you have to give your Dad a Father's Day card he won't forget!

You could be creative and make a chocolate card like the one above – it's a card and a present all in one, and chocolate is always a gift that goes down well (a little too well in fact!).

Alternatively, you can go to a card shop and buy a card the old-fashioned way. Or you could print out a FREE Tesco Value card – not bad!

If you've got any other good ideas, let us know! Don't forget to tell us what you end up buying for Father's Day, too!

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