Summer fashion essentials for students

fashionWearing flip-flops regardless of the weather appears to be the norm for some students. But for those looking to buy some summer essentials when it's actually warm, we've compiled a list of the best of summer style this year.

We don't like to assume what you'll be doing with your summer. Maybe you need some thermals for your trip up Everest. But for those of you taking part in the usual summer activities read on to see how and when to wear the key summer styles.

What do you need to consider this summer?

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Festival styles

Festivals encourage the excessive, the exaggerated and the extreme. Fortunately, this summer's style is perfectly designed to complement this.

Baroque print

Bright and beautiful colours such as the Versace-inspired baroque prints are everywhere this summer. Check out these baroque print looks which are both bright enough for your mates to find you in the crowd and comfy enough last all night in.

(Left) Baroque Bomber Jacket, £25.99

(Middle) Baroque print shorts, £30.00

(Right) Scarf print dress, £39.00


The festival staple and student favourite, Levi cut off shorts, have found a new partner this summer. Bralets and crop tops are the new tops of choice for pairing with reliable denim shorts. Perhaps this look is only for the bold, but that's pretty much everyone once a festival gets going.

(Left) Navy bralet (also available in pink), £15

(Middle) Floral bralet, £19.99

(Right) Heart crop, £14 [SOLD OUT]

Americana Style

As seen by the bomber jacket above, 1950's Americana is a trend on the rise. The cool and casual nature of this look makes it perfect for festivals. Below are some of the best summer styles for men in the Americana style.

(Left) Grey Sneakers, £67

(Middle) Red Bomber Jacket, £32

(Right) Grey Snapback cap, £35

Team these looks with skinny blue denim jeans for an all American look (or maybe it's slightly a Fry from Futurama look, but you get the idea).

Summer holiday styles

You may be headed for some warmer climates this summer. While partying Brits may not have the best reputation abroad, you can make sure enough that British style gets a good rep.


Like us at Save the Student, you may be of an age that cringes at the words “platform shoes” and has nasty nineties flashbacks. But if you're prepared to move on from that then you could try and embrace the ‘flatform'. This new style shoe has been seen on tons of summer 2012 catwalks and they are perfect for matching with summer outfits.

(Left) Cream flatforms, £24.99

(Middle) Floral flatforms, £30

(Right) Coral flatforms, £20

Pastel shades

Pastel shades were huge this spring and luckily for those who invested in some, they're set to stay in style this summer. For those who haven't purchased any of these candy tones, check out those below. The relaxed shades will keep you feeling summery even when you get back off your hols.

(Left) Purple slouch tee, £15 [SOLD OUT]

(Middle) Mint playsuit, £19.99

(Right) Colour block shirt, £14.99

No we haven't forgotten the boys, but hear us out on this one…..the pastel tones are for you too. The pastel shade has been given a masculine edge for this summer's styles and is perfect for beach styles. And not just because it reminds us of Neapolitan ice-cream.

(Left) Pink suede boat shoes, £40.00

(Middle) Pink chino shorts, £18.00

(Right) Mint tee, £8.75


Fortunately, this summer 2012's style has catered for the more practical among you too. Holiday items such as comfy footwear, handy backpacks and sun-safe hats are always an essential. Fortunately, big rucksacks, wicker-style hats and good old espadrilles are still on trend for summer 2012.

(Left) Canvas rucksack, £19

(Middle) Weave pork pie hat, £6.74

(Right) Stripe espadrilles, £9.99 (or two pairs for £15)

Summer graduation styles

If you're graduating this summer then you're going to need something to wear (obviously, unless you're going au-natural under your gowns). But even if you're not due to graduate this year, chances are you're attending someone else's graduation, or wedding or some other formal affair where your flip flops and trackies just won't cut it. We've found the best formal summer styles for both ladies and gents.

Formal dress codes are often vague and can leave you uncertain about what exactly to wear. Fortunately this year most styles sit right between formal and relaxed. Peplum dresses, such as that seen on Kate Middleton at the jubilee, are one of the biggest looks this summer. The fitted style makes them formal while the cute shape makes them a big fashion statement.

Another key summer 2012 style is dip-hem skirts and dresses. They are also both formal and relaxed as they combine the maxi with the mini.

The essential summer shoes to team your summer 2012 look with are mid to low rise heels. Try the flatforms seen above or some cute low heels such as those below. These are particularly advised for those who are graduating as they may prevent you tripping over big clumpy heels and performing a memorable nose-dive across the stage. No promises though!

(Left) Polka dot peplu, £30

(Middle) Dip-hem floral dress, £65

(Right) Low rise block heels, £28

When it comes to male style, it seems pretty obvious to wear smart trousers and a shirt to any formal event. But summer 2012's styles for men take this look and give it an edge.

Skinny fit suit trousers are re-emerging this summer. Their tight-fitted style gives the traditional suit trouser a touch more style. Wear them in light grey for a cool summer style.

When it comes to shirts, the contrast collar is a new summer 2012 style for men. Some love it and some hate it, see below and make your decision.

You may have heard that a woman judges a man on his shoes. We're not going to reveal whether or not this is true, but just to be safe try sporting some classy brogues this summer. Brogues are timeless and look good all year round so this summer could be the time to invest in some.

(Left) Skinny fit grey trousers, £40

(Middle) Contrast collar shirt, £32

(Right) Ben Sherman brogues, £85

Hopefully you'll be looking dapper whatever the weather and wherever you are this summer. Keep an eye on our student deals section for offers on high street brands, and be aware of the discounts that are available at certain stores.

*Be aware that prices were correct at the time of publishing and may change. Who knows they might even become cheaper…that would be nice.

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