15 gadgets for filthy rich students

Let's imagine for a minute a world where students were actually paid a mint to go to uni. What sort of tech would you rinse your disposable cash on?gadgets for rich students

Ok, ok, so this might be a bit hard to imagine. With tuition fees on the rise again, maintenance grants being scrapped and loans barely covering the ever-increasing cost of rent in UK cities, the idea of having a disposable income to spend on luxury gadgets is laughable.

Regardless, these gadgets are pretty neat, so we're gonna tell you about them anyway – a student can dream, right?

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15 gadgets for filthy rich students

  1. Ferrari Segway

    Ferrari Segway

    If you want to seriously impress your new mates during fresher's week, how about rolling up to the union on this baby!

    This scooter is a limited edition and costs just over ten grand – cheap as chips.

  2. Parrot AR Drone 2.0

    Parrot AR Drone

    The Parrot Drone is one mean flying machine, remotely controlled from your tablet or smartphone. The awesome thing is that this quadricopter is also kitted out with an HD camera.

    Perfect for gathering evidence of your housemates in the kitchen stealing your food.

  3. Spymaster Pen Voice Recorder

    spymaster pen voice recorderFor a bargain £295, you can record pretend to look enthused during lectures whilst dying of a hangover.

    This pen voice recorder from Spymaster can store up to 18 hours of classes and lectures, which can then be downloaded onto your computer for future reference (and in exchange for a small fee to anyone whose hangover prevented them from making it to class that day. Might as well get your entrepreneurial hat on and make that £300 back, right?).

  4. Uno Electric Uni Cycle

    the uno electric uni cycle

    If you'd prefer an eco-friendly option without the sweat then how about this Uno electric Uni cycle?

    This awesome bike will take you on a spin without leaving a trace of your carbon footprint. It’s quick and efficient plus compact enough to store in student halls.

  5. Louis Vuitton Style Mini Cooper

    Louis Vuitton Style Mini Cooper

    This exclusive modern mini will turn a few heads, that's for sure. Splashed in the famous LV style print, this handbag with wheels is any rich kid's dream!

  6. Bionic Contact Lenses

    the bionic contact lenses

    If you hate revising for hours on end, check out these amazing contact lenses that the University of Washington have designed. These things will make re-sits a thing of the past, as you'll be able to read a virtual display that appears across your eye using infrared technology.

    These babies aren't on the market yet, but when they are we suspect the unis will be doing eye checks on students making their the way into the exam hall.

  7. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

    bomb alarm clock- tampa bay

    This alarm clock comes complete with a bed shaker (yup, we said bed shaker) which can reach 113 decibels!

    When put under your mattress even the laziest student will get moving, and the good news is it's not even that expensive – it's available on Amazon for less than £40.

  8. Batmobile

    Batman mobility scooter

    Some film critics still argue that this prototype of the infamous Batmobile should have been used in the Batman movies.

    However, as it's but a mobility scooter (Batmobility scooter, to be precise), it's likely resigned to carting lazy students with too much money around student campuses and disguising itself behind small bushes.

  9. Luvaglio Laptop

    laptop device

    This bargain million dollar laptop can be customised with a jewel-encrusted power button and can apparently clean itself, just like your kitten.

    Other than that, the only info we have been given is that it has “combines intelligent gadgetry with state of the art technology; such as solid state storage, Blu-Ray, built-in USB memory stick and MP3 player”… so essentially the same as most middle-of-the road laptops, eh?

    For something a bit better value for your hard-earned cash, check out our guide to buying a laptop for university.

    Update: The Jury's out as to whether this laptop was ever produced in the end, as Luvaglio have gone pretty quiet in recent months and their website is no longer working.

  10. World's Most Expensive Safe

    karl lager safe most expensive

    This indestructible safe is worth $339,000. German company Dottling teamed up with fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld (yeah we're confused too) to make 30 of these safes worldwide, with each safe measuring at 6ft tall and just under a foot deep.

    Weirdly enough, the inside of the safe is full of drawers and cabinets, with the obvious intention of storing all your Karl Lagerfeld gear… Ironically, even if you filled the safe to the brim with Lagerfeld handbags, you'd still be pushed to reach the value of the safe itself!

    Which perhaps explains the fact the safe has been aptly named ‘Narcissus'. Get over yourself, Karl!

  11. Elite Cuisine Multi Function 3 in 1 Breakfast Centre

    3 in 1 breakfast machine

    If your butler has done a disappearing act, this breakfast centre will make sure you're well looked offer.

    This machine can make you coffee, toast and grill you some hot nosh all from one power source. Every student-with-money-to-waste's dream!

    Check out our list of more amazing kitchen gadgets for your student pad.

  12. Fridge Personal Locker Security System

    food security system

    This security box keeps fridge raiders at bay. Your caviar and oysters can keep fresh without risking abduction from those pesky minions (aka your housemates).

  13. Dr. Iron Garment Dryer and Presser

    clothes drier

    For assistance with your laundry, this lazy millionaire's dream can dry and press within 2 hours.

    Your favourite polo kit will be ready to be paraded around the field for a cool $3,000! Bargain!

  14. Monolith Floating Bed

    floating bed

    Why not splash out on this mattress which levitates from the ground using magnets for stability.  Although you have to pay for this honour at a hefty €1,200,000!

  15. Lantic Gold RC1 Remote Control

    remote control device

    This amount of control costs a cool $30,000. Its circular design is very appealing; just try not to drop it in the hot tub – that would be an expensive accident (costing your life).

Before we grudgingly get back to reality with a bang, just humour us for a minute by sharing your favourite ridiculously expensive student gadget in the comment section below!

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