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cyclingDo you frequently find yourself with an inordinate amount of time on your hands and struggle to find new and exciting activities to fill it?

Some are happy to stay in and download hundreds of films or watch Jeremy Kyle for days on end; but such pleasures in life become tiresome after a while and the body eventually starts craving those endorphins once more.

Here are a few cheap(ish) activities that can easily be done on a budget and satisfy the needs of the thrill-seeker within.


PaintballingMinistry of Paintball have the best money saving tips and coupons and Virgin Days Experience have sites all over the country and are currently offering £15 per person for a full days entry, gun hire, cammo outfit, gas refills and ammo pack.

What's more there are plenty of companies looking to offer large groups of students cheap paintballing.

A small price to pay for the opportunity to hammer your mates with hard lumps of paint for a few hours. What more could one possibly want from an afternoon of fun and frolicking in the outdoors?

Indoor snow-sports

indoorsnowboardingDon't be told by any grump that indoor skiing and snowboarding isn't fun, it is, it's just not the real thing.

Seeing as we live in the UK and are severely lacking in snow topped mountains to hurl ourselves down, get your bums to a snow dome.They're also brilliant starting points for beginners who've never donned a pair of skis before.

Indoor snow sport venues in the UK: Manchester, Milton-Keynes, Castleford- West Yorkshire, Braehead- Glasgow, Tamworth- Staffordshire, Hemel Hampstead, High Wycombe and Swansea.

Visit Natives for more information.

Driving days

driving daysSave your need for speed for off-roading, go-karting, quad biking or if you're feeling flush in a Ferrari. Whether you've been driving for a few years now or you've only just got your license, a driving day is for thrill seekers and car fanatics alike.

The more cash you can splash will get you a better car, you can pay £95 plus to drive a Ferrari around a track for an hour in certain locations in the UK if that floats your boat.

For more information see Virgin Days Experience.

White-water rafting

white water raftingAs long as you don't mind getting soaked and chilly then white water rafting is a fantastically fun thrill-seeker experience. You don't need any previous experience the guides will steer you safely through the rapids, the price is marvellously low and you can enjoy this little adventure sport all over the country.

Prices range from £29 plus pp, or £57 for two people and you can experience such watery delights in Nottingham, Perthshire, Scotland, Northamptonshire, Llangollen and Cardiff. For more details visit Into The Blue.

Mountain biking

mountain bikingDo you get your kicks chucking yourself down mountains and rocky ravines? A pastime perfect for the summer months; it'll get you and your mates away from your laptops/screens in general, and out in the big wide world while the weather isn't too awful.

Mountain biking will take you to areas of the country you haven't seen before as you explore the mountains the UK has to offer. Pump up your tyres, dust off the cobwebs from your handle bars and open your eyes to the mountain biking routes of the UK via Mountain Bike Routes UK.

Also if you are looking to buy a mountain bike then take a look at Hargroves Cycles.

Extra activities

rock climbingBe inspired to venture out and make the most of your free time, if you prefer something a tad tamer see if these tickle your fancy:

  • canoeing in your local river
  • hiking (you could always reward yourself with a boozey beverage at the top)
  • cycling along country lanes (wear fluorescent gear/humongous hats to make sure you're visible)
  • find your nearest rock-climbing wall and then absail your way down
  • horse-riding for the animal lover in you
  • a splash at your nearby pool.

For all of these and more ideas you can take a look at Virgin Days Experience.

There are plenty of ways to fill your time that are adventurous and cost effective so don't hold back. Also, for other cheap things for students to do in their spare time take a look at the well known voucher sites daily or sign up to our weekly newsletter.

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