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Would you benefit from a ‘greener’ university?

All universities seem to have good intentions when they talk about the environment. However, they don't always put these intentions into practice (as with a lot of large organisations).

The Green league results have recently been announced by The Guardian. Nudging the green joke aside, The University of "Green"wich actually came out on top.

So what would a 'greener' university mean for you?

Well, beside good fun, you could help stamp your mark on helping the environment. Ok, not all of you out there would like the idea of maintaining a vegetable patch or even keeping a bed of plants tidy. But with this new incentive universities could actually benefit and compete to top the league set up by People and the Planet.

Simple things such as sensible recycling and making things from nothing could all contribute to your university becoming more adaptable to a greener future. Although some of you may find some of these practises boring, and fitting them into you heavy work schedule offers a tricky task, why no try and incorporate them into your work or projects. It really is a great way for you to incert a practical approach to your work.

What can you do?

It's just a question of what you can do to make a difference.

Art students -  Why not look in that skip that's been stood behind that old university building for the past month and see what you can piece together?

Medical students - There are various herbs and remedies out there for you to experiment with and research to help aid your programme of study. I'm not saying you will find a miracle cure. It'll just be great to see what sort of things you could potentially produce. Maybe it's a stab in the dark, and may not fit in with your studies, but it's worth a try, right?

Students in general - Be creative and think outside the box (the recycled card board box that is). Make sure you are recycling at the very least.

Everybody is looking for a greener future. And with the current economy struggling as it is, let's see what we can do to start a change in education and push our universities forward for a greener future.

So, how about it. What would you do to make your university greener? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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