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Work Experience Needed for Graduate Jobs

Graduate SchemesThe BBC has reported that more than a third of jobs offered to graduates are taken by previous iterns or work experience students from that employer.

Save the Student! are at the forefront of helping graduates to get jobs with sections on the site including graduate scheme deadlines (which has links to all of the application pages) and tips on what a graduate training scheme is all about so this news is very relevant.

It was stated that even though there are more graduate jobs on offer this year there are far more applicants. The applications to graduate jobs are expected to grow even more in 2012 as the pressure to gain a highly paid and reputable position becomes more and more important to students who are spending a lot on their education.

However, many industry experts have pointed out that graduates have little or no chance of getting a graduate job unless they have previous contacts with the company that they are applying for.

Is there any point in applying then?

Don't let this news put you off applying to graduate schemes as we have spoken to a number of students who have managed to get a dream job despite not having previous employment at the companies they applied for.

It is true that although the graduate job market is growing, there is also a sharp increase in graduate applications but you cannot be sure that you won't get the job (if you don't buy a ticket you don't win the raffle)!

With this in mind, we stress that it's a good idea to get some valuable experience whilst at university. It may mean taking an unpaid internship during summer but it can be worth it in the long run.

Even if you are not working with the firm of your choice, working in the same sector will do you no harm. For example, an ex-editor for Save the Student! has recently been accepted onto a journalism graduate scheme.

To summarise, the graduate job market is growing but so are the applicant numbers. More and more firms are taking on staff who they have already employed with experts warning that you need to have previous experience!


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