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Which countries have the cheapest/most expensive pints?

Cheapest Pint in the worldIt has recently been revealed by that the average cost of a pint in the UK is 10 times more expensive than the cheapest pint in the world.

I'm not trying to say that students are beer guzzlers and we all know that the stereotype is well over worn but there is no hiding that many students do like a little alcohol every now and again. The only problem is that it can put a real dent into your student loan.

Do you ever sit there and wonder how much a nice cold pint of beer would cost in another country and whether you are being ripped off? If you do then this article is for you....

In the UK you will be looking at an average of £2.90 a pint which seems extremely steep when compared to the 29p pint in Tajikistan (although we are not sure where that is).

If you check the stats below you can see some of the major players in the world pint price league table. We have picked the cheapest top 10 and the most expensive top 10.

If all this talk of beer has made you thirsty and you are looking for a great money saving way to get your hands on a cold pint then why don't you take a look at our guide on how to brew your own beer.

Top 5 most expensive and cheapest pints

Cheapest PintsMost Expensive Pints
Tajikistan - 29pGreenland - £7.35
Panama - 31pNorway - £6.07
Bhutan - 36pQatar - £6
Burundi - 37pDjibouti - £5.47
N Korea - 38pSingapore - £5

Now, I would not say that our Geography is poor here at Save the Student! but we are not 100% sure where some of these countries are located but we might be planning a holiday to some of them soon.

Students in the UK have not only been affected by the rise in fees but now also the realisation that our alcohol might not be that cheap after all. Maybe studying for a year abroad in Tajikistan might be a good idea...

How is it worked out?

If you were wondering how this table is worked out then we have the answer for you. It might sound like an ideal job to travel the world and try a multitude of beers in all the different countries but this would take a life time (a fun one at that).

The actual prices of the pints are valued by users of the Pintprice website submitting their values as well as market research by the site owners.


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