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Student News

Wee in the shower, Increase in fees again?, Bugatti Penis Vandal…

Students urged to Wee in the shower

wee-in-showerYes. Really. Students at UEA have come up with a campaign to save water and money – called ‘gowiththeflow’.

The students want all other students from their university, and others, to wee during a shower and announce it on Facebook or Twitter. Yeah, not sure about that bit… However, the students have estimated that if all 15,000 students at UEA take part, £125,000 could be saved in water bills.

Maybe they’re on to something…

Our take: A lot of people do it. Not many people will admit it. You could save money on your water bills though – and that’s wee-ly good news for us all (and the environment).

Osbourne will need to increase tuition fees

osbourneBad news, everyone! Speaking at a Liberal Democrat conference, Vince Cable has said that George Osbourne will have to increase tuition fees (again) and lower the £21,000 earning threshold. Oh nooo!

Vince Cable played a part in increasing the tuition fees in 2012 (boo hiss) despite being ‘very reluctant’ – and that this is ‘a choice the next government would have to make’ in order to save money in the university sector, which has lost a lot of money from overseas students due to tougher Home Office stances on immigration.

Our take: Increasing the fees…again… could mean fewer students going to university, and more fears about how to repay. Of course, we won’t really know how much this will affect the public purse for 30 years, when the first wave of £9000 students pay off their loans or have them cancelled. If the fees are going to increase, will the quality of teaching and help with students loans also improve?


LSE rugby club gives out homophobic and sexist leaflets

rugby-clubA rugby club at one of London’s top universities, LSE, distributed incredibly offensive leaflets to freshers, calling women ‘slags’ and ‘mingers’ and a neighbouring institution ‘scum’. Classy.

The rugby club has since been disbanded by their student’s union and withdrawn from rugby competitions.

Our take: The things they put in their leaflet were not funny or clever, they were offensive and horrific to read. We hope that the university fully investigate anyone who was involved in producing the leaflet.


A lie-in may improve GCSE results

Lie-inThousands of teenagers studying for their GCSEs will get a nice extra hour’s lie in, in a trial to see if starting school later will improve GCSE results.

Researchers from the University of Oxford say teenagers begin to function two hours later than adults, therefore a later start to their day could help improve their test results, as well as their wellbeing and mental health. 100 schools will be taking part in the trial, half of the students will start their day at the normal time and the other half will start later.

Our take: No one likes getting up early, if you are really tired it is kinda obvious it may affect your test scores. However, if the students have to get up earlier they might then go to bed later and make themselves more tired in the process. Still, it’s a lie in (for half of the students at least) which is always awesome.



Vandal draws a penis on £1.5m car

bugatti-penisOoooh the owner isn’t gonna be happy about this!

A vandal spray-painted a penis on to a Bugatti Veyron car – which is worth £1.5 million. Was it an act of jealousy or just for the lolz?

Our take: Nobody would want to find that a penis had been drawn on to their car, but at least the owner can afford to have it repainted.


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