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Student News

Unpaid Internships Banned, Boy Gets £105 Shopping for £1, Under 30s Rely On Parents

Under 30's rely heavily on Bank of Mum & Dad

bank of mum and dadA survey has found that many young people are still living off their parents, despite being well into their twenties. Many university graduates are finding it is easier for them to move back in with their family because jobs are so rare. On the other hand, the survey has found that 33% of young people are hiding their personal debt from their families.

Our Take: The economy is tough out there for everyone, but especially our generation, where there is greater competition and fewer jobs than ever before. It's hardly surprising that many graduates are struggling financially.

British Universities Ban Unpaid Internships

Unpaid InternshipSeveral top British universities have united to help graduates stamp out unpaid internships. Institutions like Liverpool, Leeds, York and Reading have all taken steps to stop the promotion of unpaid internships to their students.

Our Take: This is very good news, and hopefully sets a precedence to other universities. It's become the expectation in recent years that graduates should be willing to work unpaid for at least a year to get a job at a big company, and this simply isn't right. Well done to the universities that have made a stand, and everyone else, follow suit.

Cambridge Jelly Wrestling Event Cancelled

jellyAn annual event that involved women dressing up in bikini's and wrestling in jelly has been scrapped after over 1000 people signed an online position claiming it was sexist. The jelly wrestling was supposed to take place as part of a post exam party at one of the institutions colleges.

Our Take: This is probably for the best, although it does seem a little bit like the fun police are out in force. Girls wrestling in bikinis is an outdated stereotype, and this is all part of the wider cult of 'Laddism' but there are probably more pressing matters in gender politics than what happens at a post exam party.

Super scrimper gets £105 worth of shopping for £1

shoppingbasketA sixteen year old boy regularly saves his family large sums of money by searching online and through newspapers for the best deals. Keeping a tight eye on deals has allowed Jordon Cox to get £105 worth of grocery shopping done for just £1!

Our Take: I think we all wish we could save this much on every shop, but have we really got the time to be collecting that many coupons? Probably not, don't fear though, we have plenty of offers appearing on our site daily, that might just help you save a little on your weekly shop or luxury purchases. You can check out student deals here.


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