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Student News

Unpaid Grad Fees At £50m, Uni Auction Internship, Uni Spend Millions On Paintings

Unpaid Grad Fees Rise to £50m in the Past 5 Years

increaseThe Student Loans Company has brought in an outsider tracker to find hundreds of graduates within the EU who have disappeared, despite still owing money for their loans. Over £50 million worth of loans have gone unpaid from students within the EU, with Cyprus accountable for £15 million worth of debt alone.

Our Take: While we in no way encourage just disappearing from the student loan company, we're willing to give a fair few of the graduates who haven't paid anything back yet the benefit of the doubt. Getting a job is pretty difficult, but it's nothing compared to dealing with SLC's customer service line, or the endless bureaucratic red tape.

Imperial Auctions Internship to Private School

imperialImperial College has been criticised this week for offering an internship at its Institution of Biomedical Engineering as a prize at a charity auction for public school Westminster. Many feel that this is a clear example of universities favouring wealthy students, rather than those most qualified. The university has since tried to distance itself from the auction.

Our Take: Unpaid internships are enough of a problem, without the fact that we could soon be having to pay for them. Luckily, this case seems fairly open and shut and no one was really hurt, except maybe the darling who's daddy was going to buy them an internship at Imperial College.

Durham University in Lavish Art Spending Spree

paintingDurham University has come under fire this week for a £1.4million splurge on art while its students pay £9000 a year and many of its staff earn less than the living wage. The institution has bought pieces by Warhol and Picasso, but has been criticised by Union's calling the move excessive, when its staff are so poorly paid.

Our Take: Let them eat... well, art! Who cares that very few can really afford to pay for a university, and that the institution pays its employees below the living wage line, they've got specially commissioned pieces of artwork and classics by Picasso and Andy Warhol!

Salford University Plans Major Course Cutbacks

cutting costsA leaked memo has revealed that Salford University is planning a major cut back to some of its courses which could potentially affect 1,000 students and 75 members of staff. The university is struggling financially and has made plans to rectify this with drastic cuts. The news was broken just after the final UCAS deadline, but some students who put Salford as one of their choices may find that their course won't exist in September.

Our Take: Very few things surprise me about the mismanagement of Salford University, but this really is shocking. Not only does it affect potential students, many returned to classes in January and discovered that the university no longer taught their courses and had to go elsewhere to take the class.

Most Households Keep Valuables in Sock Drawer

sock drawerA survey has found that most people keep their most valuable items hidden in the sock drawer of their home, despite it often being the first place a burglar will look. Keeping your valuables safe is difficult as most intruders will tend to be quite tenacious and the damage caused will only escalate if they don't find valuables quickly.

Our Take: We're not reporting this as a quick hint for any starving students or graduates out there, just as a warning, make sure you're keeping your precious items safe. If possible buy an actual safe, always make sure you lock the door and don't leave any invitations to potential burglars to rob you.


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