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Uni Applications Drop, HMV gift cards, Snow, Sugar Daddies…

University Applications Drop for 2nd Year Running

UCAS applications fallAs expected, the government's increase in tuition fees has caused a significant fall in the number of applications that the University and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS) received this year.

Initial reports say that applications are down 6.3% on 2012, which itself was down 6.6% as the first year of higher fees came in.

The drop in applications has been put mainly down to the increase in tuition fees (no surprise there) and the worrying graduate job market. The fall in university UK student intake could cost the national economy £6.6bn.

Our take: Ok, so what else were we to expect, really? This story simply confirms in real numbers the serious damage that the increase in fees to £9k a year has had on the number of UK students  applying for uni. Yes, perhaps it acts as a filter for those who go to uni for the 'lifestyle' (but what's all that wrong with that?) but many bright sparks who have planned to go to get a degree are doing a U-turn. The good news? Some suggest that the drop could have been much worse... but who knows what next year's figures will show.

HMV to Accept Gift Cards Again

HMVSad times, it's time to say goodbye to the little dog as HMV have now fallen into administration. Initially they were not accepting gift cards, which was a big hit for students who received a HMV gift card for Christmas.

But we have good news! The administrators have reversed the decision so if you have a card get spending whilst you still can.

Our take: It's always sad to see a high street chain go under (especially one in music) but in all cases they have a responsibility to honour yet to be redeemed purchases such as gift cards. So we're happy to hear about the decision. If you have a HMV voucher lying around then make sure you claim it as soon as possible!

Snow Causes Major Disruption to Students

snowMany students across the country faced problems making their way into university (and in some cases exams) this week due to the wintery weather.

Areas worst affected by the snow were the South of Wales and the South East of England in a week of freezing conditions.

Some universities such as Swansea University were even forced to postpone exams until a later date.

Our take: Snow is a laugh for a bit but then it just seems to get in the way of everything (not to mention the endless Facebook statuses and photos). If you have rescheduled exams, at least you have more time to revise!

Students using 'Sugar Daddies' to pay Tuition Fees

sugardaddyIn the past we have seen the increase in fees leading students, both male and female, to sell their bodies in order to cover the costs.

The news this week reveals that websites that match up wealthy men with women who are looking to be lavished with money have seen a huge increase in applicants currently studying at university. Some of these sites even encourage people to sign up with a address!

Our take: Well, we want to know your view. How do you feel about girls seeking out men to pay off their tuition fees? And perhaps more pointedly  you have to ask what these men get out of it. We dread to think. Comment below.

Tesco Burger Scandal & Great 'Kick-backs'

We heard last week that Tesco Value beef burgers were found to contain a good chunk of horse meat.

The upside of this public relations fiasco is this video of a couple of practical jokers donning a horse costume and prancing around Tesco. Needless to say, it's gone viral. In case you missed the off...


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