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Unis Pay Compo, Ex Uni Minister Wants Fee Increase, Voda Price Rise…

Ex uni minister wants uni fees increased

WillettsDavid Willetts, the former universities minister, wants tuition fees to increase…again.

Mr Willetts has said fees should increase in line with inflation, but would only work if unis could show how they spend the tuition fees to show it’s worth it. He also believes that repayments should be frozen at the current level of 9% of anything you earn above £21k.

The new universities minister, Jo Johnson, has not yet given his opinion.

Our take: Obviously, us here at STS are going to disagree with any rise in tuition fees – however, if unis would have to show that it would be money well spent, it could actually benefit the students and lead to more money being spent on the students. Let’s not forget, though, that when the £9k a year fees were introduced, unis could only charge that much if they could show that they help students from disadvantaged backgrounds… but it seems every uni is charging full whack without much change to the system, so we doubt another increase would help students get to uni, let alone feel like they are getting value for money. Wanna know how much uni costs you an hour? Find out here.

New graduates focus more on pay

Unemployed-GraduateSo tuition fees were increased from £3000 to £9000 a year three years ago, meaning students taking a three year will be the first to graduate with more debt. Yay!

A survey by High Fliers Research has found that new graduates are more focussed on finding a good, well-paid job to pay off their debts than previous graduates. More than a third of students surveyed also said they have already had a graduate job offer! Yeah, education!

Our take: No one likes debt, but remember that student debts don’t work the same as other debts – they don’t affect your credit score and will be wiped off eventually. Not sure? We’ve done a bit of myth busting about tuition fees here. Also, check out our list of graduate schemes if you’re still looking (it’s not too late, don’t worry!).

Students paid £400k in uni compensation

student-compensationLast year, students in England and Wales received £400,000 in compensation from universities. Figures from the Office of the Independent Adjudicator has revealed that there were 2040 complaints from university in 2014. Of these, 23% of complaints were partially or fully upheld and received compensation.

The two main complaints were unsuccessful grade appeals and concerns over the course or facilities.

Our take: Sometimes a uni isn’t all cracked up to be – they promise the earth, and you get Pluto. Or maybe you feel your essay deserved a better mark. Don’t just moan to your friends and quietly resent your lecturers – do something about it. If you feel like making a complaint, we have a great guide here to help you.

Vodafone prices to increase

voda-increaseWe swear, every week another company is increasing their prices! This time, it’s Vodafone’s turn.

From the 10th August, excess charges (e.g. when you go over your minutes) will increase. However, Vodafone are allowing customers to end their contracts early which is pretty decent of them.

Our take: Price increases aren’t nice, and no one likes them except the company. Need a new contract? Luckily we have loads of tips to get an awesome contract here. Want a phone and a contract? We’ve compared the best here so you can spend more time looking at cats and stuff.

Free EE chargers are back!

EE-portable-chargerDid you miss out on the free portable phone chargers from EE last time? Stock ran out pretty early as so many people wanted a freebie (and who doesn’t like a freebie?).

If you haven’t got one yet and feel like you’re missing out – they are now back in stock. More info is available here, get them whilst they’re hot!

Our take: Portable chargers are awesome for when you’re out and about, staying over a friend’s or at a festival – they are well worth having for emergencies, and even better they are free (except the price of a text).

Meet the saddest cat in the world

saddest-catYou’ve seen Grumpy Cat. You may have even seen Hamilton, a cat with a fabulous moustache. Now, there’s a new kitty contender – Luhu from China, who may just be the saddest cat in the world.

Luhu lives in China with her owner and two siblings but is the only one with the strange and depressed face. Why is she so sad?

Our take: She’s even sad when she plays with her brothers and toy panda… maybe she’s worried about the poor endangered pandas out there. Who knows?


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