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Student News

Uni sells degree to a dog, Energy prices up 10%, 1in4 students have STIs…

Gas & electricity prices shoot up by 10%

gas-electric3Winter is coming and the 'big six' energy companies have all announced large price increases. One started and they all followed like sheep.

Npower plan the largest hike of 10%, with the Co Op raising prices by the least amount, just 4.5%. British Gas and SSE also plan increases of just below 10%.

HEADS UP: We recommend switching to a fixed deal like EDFs Blue+ price promise to avoid the price increases. It could save you £100s/year and they don't even have a cancellation fee. Or compare other options here.

Our take: These poor, poor energy companies, turning huge profits that just can't be sustained without royally shafting the consumer. It will be cold enough this winter, without having to worry about turning the heating on, lest we can't afford the bill.

Uni sells 'no-study' MBA (to a dog)

AUOLThe American University of London (a so-called university) was caught selling an MBA qualification online that required absolutely no studying at all.

BBC Newsnight managed to purchase a Master's in Business in exchange for a £4,500 fee. And quite possibly the best thing about this story is that the degree was purchased for a dog... called Pete.

Our take: The sound of a no study degree sounds good to us but it's wrong on so many levels. We find this extremely unfair to those who put in the hard graft. Next time you go for a job interview, watch out for Pete the dog...

1 in 4 first year students contract an STI

jonniesAccording to recent research, 1 in 4 first year students contract an STI at University and 89% don't use condoms for their sexual encounters.

Several sexual health charities have spoken out about the importance of practicing safe sex after the survey results were revealed.

Our take: You won't exactly be surprised to find out that 73% of students admitted their sexual activities mostly took place while drunk. However, as with any survey we suggest taking these results with a pinch of salt.

We're not going to tell you what to do, or how to have fun, but for your own well being, it might be best off carrying a few emergency condoms with you and getting a checkup.

OFT to examine competition between Unis

OFTThe Office of Fair Trading is launching an investigation into English universities. The organisation is going to examine how the institutions compete for undergraduates and whether or not students are getting the value they expect.

They'll also be looking into whether the recent changes have actually led to better facilities, quality of teaching and more...

Our take: This move, somewhat predictably, has been borne out of 2012 increase in fees. As far as we're concerned it's good that someone is finally standing up for and acting in the interest of students (and not just us!).

Controversy as Unis fingerprint foreign students

fingerprintInstitutions such as the Universities of Sunderland and Ulster have come under fire this week for implementing fingerprint scanners to monitor the attendance of foreign students.

The checks have been called “unwelcoming” by the NUS, and marked as discriminatory for not including British students as well.

Our take: This just isn't right! Firstly, if a university is so paranoid about student attendance, surely they should look at why people aren't going to classes before going all big brother on us? And why is it that only foreign students are being forced to do fingerprint checks?  This reeks of double standards.

State of the Machin: On Pokemon X/Y

Pokemon XYDon't judge me... yet!

One of the best things about being at University is just being able to like things, unashamedly. If you like something, you don't have to feel embarrassed about it, or hide it from your friends.

Everyone's an adult now, and that fully entitles them to enjoy whatever, especially things that might not necessarily be 'for' them.

An example of this is the fact that the new Pokemon games sold the best amongst students and not, as you might expect, with children.  If anything this also proves once again the overwhelming power of nostalgia to sell things to us.

Unfortunately though, I haven't had chance to play the new Pokemon game. Because Nintendo greedily replaced the best handheld console ever made (the DSLite) with a clunky, pointless, overpriced, gimmick (the 3DS). Which, bafflingly, has itself been replaced with an even clunkier console, the 2DS.

In short, you can't play Pokemon X/Y on the DS, purely out of greed and mismanagement.

And that's the State of the Machin.


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