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Student News

Uni Gives Rent Refund, 1/3 Would Sell Organ To Clear Student Debt, Youtube Subscriptions…

UCL gives compensation after rent protests

UCL Rent Protest

The University College London has given former residents of Campbell House West a refund on their rent after they complained of poor living conditions, including ongoing building work and rodent infestations.

87 students went on rent strike in May and were threatened with exclusion from uni, but UCL have finally relented and have given the students a full term's refund.

Our take: It shouldn't have taken a strike to realise that the accommodation was not up to scratch, but we are glad to hear that the students affected have received a refund. Never be afraid to tell your uni if you're unsatisfied - whether it be your accommodation or your lectures, we have a guide here to help you complain effectively.

1 in 3 would sell organ to pay student debt

Loans not saving money

MyBankTracker, an American personal finance site, asked its users what they would do to get rid of their student debt. Amazingly, 30% said that they would sell an organ if it would completely clear their debt.

55% also said that they would have their life turned in to a reality show if it meant paying off their debt.

Our take: This survey was only for American students, but it shows how desperate they are to clear their debt. Of course, the American system is very different from the UK's, as the Student Loans Company wipe off any outstanding debt after 30 years. Still, the idea of having £40k worth of debt is a scary thought so even UK students may feel the need to pay it off quickly. Curious to see how much debt you'll leave uni with? Find out here!

Barclays Bespoke Offers is ending


Bespoke Offers, run by Barclays, has been a great deal's website since 2013, but unfortunately it will be coming to an end on Monday 26th October.

You can continue buying items up until Monday, and vouchers can still be redeemed as normal until they expire.

Our take: Bespoke Offers did occasionally have some good details, and we have featured them on Save the Student before. It's disappointing that they are closing, but there are loads of other daily deal websites to help you save money!

Youtube launching subscription service

Youtube Cat

Can't get enough of your favourite Youtubers? Youtube is launching a subscription service called Youtube Red for US customers, where for $9.99 (£6.50) a month, you can watch exclusive content and full-length videos by vloggers such as PewDiePie and Lilly Singh.

It will eventually be rolled out to other countries.

Our take: The prices seem quite high to us, time will tell if the content makes it worth a subscription! Hey, did you know that high-profile vloggers can make a serious bit of cash? If you fancy giving vlogging a shot, we have some tips here to help you make money from it.

New £5 Co-Op meal deal

co op meal dealA new £5 meal deal is out at The Co-op. For a fiver, you can get cod, chips, onion rings, peas (gotta have some greens) and ice cream. That's a lot of bang for your buck!

Offer ends 11th November, when a new meal deal should be released.

Our take: Not always the healthiest of deals, we must admit, but it's a great way to fill your freezer cheaply so you can shove it in the oven after a late night at the library... or when you're hungover. We don't judge.

Subway footlong fiasco is over

subway footlong

If you're a Subway fan, you're probably aware that for the last few years there has a bit of uproar, after Subway's footlong sandwiches were found to sometimes come up short.

Subway argued that as their bread is baked fresh in store, it was impossible to ensure the length - but now they have agreed to start measuring their bread in the US. They are also being sued by some customers in the States who have missed out on the extra inch.

Our take: It wasn't just US Subway shops that were too short, so it's likely that the measuring policy will be rolled out to other countries... By the way, we'd like to remind you that if you've bought a Subway within the last 30 days you can get a free cookie! That should make up for any missing inches!


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