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Uni Crime Stats, Church vs. Wonga, Female Grads do better, Fantasy Footie…

University Crime Statistics Released

University CrimeA survey by The Complete University Guide has revealed the crimes that affect students most in different cities. Hull, perhaps surprisingly, has the highest number of crimes outside of London, with Manchester a close second.

Birmingham leads the field in robberies with Essex and Aston being most prevalent in terms of violent crime.

Our Take: All these statistics are taken from the police report of crimes within three miles of a campus. We're sure that you're very responsible and don't invite thieves into your house or leave yourself open to violent attack or robbery, but just as a reminder, don't walk places on your own, lock your doors and keep your valuables hidden, ok? You might want to think about contents insurance too.

Female Grads Better Off Than Men in Job Hunt

Graduated!New research has shown that more female graduates found jobs in 2011/12 than males.

According to the data by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, only 7.2% of women were unemployed after completing their degree, in comparison, 11% of men were.

Our Take: Wow, it's really hard being a male in this post patriarchal society, we just can't catch a break. Women are doing better in the jobs race and performing better academically, it's almost like we're heading towards some kind of gender equality...

The Church vs. Wonga

Church vs WongaThis week has seen an interesting development in the pay-day loans saga. The Archbishop of Canterbury came out and said that he would do everything he can to help credit unions compete with firms like Wonga.

However, a few days after making this announcement it emerged that the Church have actually indirectly been helping to fund Wonga.

Our Take: Something really needs to be done about these unlawful companies as soon as possible. We're tired of all the talk and no action from the government and regulation bodies. In regards to the church announcing that they want to compete with these companies we don't think that they stand a chance.

Clampdown on Spam Phonecalls

University Clearing Phone CallPlans to stop spam phonecalls and texts, such as cold calling, PPI claims and other marketing messages are being put together by ministers and regulators.

A system of licensing call centres is being considered, as is the process of reporting unwanted calls.

Our Take: It's about time, too often have we received text messages thinking their from friends only to be told we've been missold PPI. 82% of the population have received some form of nuisance calls and the sooner the government deals with this epidemic, the better.

State of the Machin: On Fantasy Football

Fantasy FootballThe football season starts again soon! With the Confederations Cup, the Under 21s Euros, Women's Euros, pre season friendlies and a constant cycle of transfer rumours, it's almost like it never went away.

But one thing the start of the season does mean is the return of fantasy football. If, like me, you were criminally overlooked as a possible replacement for Sir Alex Ferguson, or you fancy yourself as the 'special one' why not prove it by joining the Save The Student fantasy league (Just enter the code 701578-187140) .

Currently it's just Bayern Machin on there, but if we get some more people on there I might be able to convince the higher powers to put out some kind of prize for the winner.

Once you've signed up to the league, the problem comes with picking your squad. I have two trains of thought on spending that £100 million on a squad, be sentimental and pick, often, overlooked players that you like, or go for broke and pick players you know will bring in the points that you can't stand.

I've gone for a mix of sentimental and pragmatic, and at least until I lose interest in mid February, will be taking my fantasy football team very seriously this year. Again if you'd like to join the Save The Student League, just enter this code  701578-187140 on the join a league screen on the official fantasy Premier League website, found here.

And that's the State of the Machin.


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