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UK universities leading in new European rankings. Has your uni made the cut?

Times Higher Education (THE) have released their yearly European uni rankings, and UK unis have bagged most of the top spots. Is your uni in the top 200?mapspinsThe UK has grabbed seven spots in the top ten rankings alone, and has overall dominated this year's THE university rankings. Holding almost a quarter of all places in the list, 46 of Europe's 200 best universities can be found on British soil. Pretty impressive!

University rankings are a great way for prospective and current students to see how well their uni is faring, so it's great to see so many UK universities leading in Europe.

There are, of course, the usual suspects in there: The battle between Oxford and Cambridge is on land and sea, and this year it seems that Oxford raises the flag.

Not only did the Oxford women's rowing team win The Women's Boat Race this week, but they also beat Cambridge in THE's rankings - Oxford University is officially the best university in Europe and Cambridge is runner-up.

What are the rankings based on?

THE judges universities against various different criteria to decide where they belong in the rankings. This includes the teaching environment, research influence and research environment, amongst others.

You can view the full list here on the Times Higher Education's website.

Do higher tuition fees mean better universities?


As you probably noted, it does seem that the universities at the top of THE's rankings also happen to be the most expensive unis in the UK. Does this mean students need to be paying more to get the best education? And how can one university which is considered one of the best in Europe charge the same for one that didn't make the cut?

Unfortunately, the jury's out on that one!

It's worth noting that there are other universities in the rankings who don't charge tuition fees at all, such as in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Austria. If these countries are managing to produce European-leading universities whilst remaining free... why do UK universities charge so much?

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