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Company to hire Weed smokers, Grads earn £100,000 more, Applications rise…

UCAS Applications Rise

UCASAccording to the latest statistics from UCAS, that count up to the end of June, the number of applications for university has risen by 3% this year.

It is not all good news however, as the number of part time and 24 year old applicants 24 has fallen.

Our Take: While it is good news that applications have risen, we're getting the feeling it's not quite growing enough. We're still down about 30,000 applicants from 2012, and the lack of growth amongst (for lack of a better word) mature students is worrying. It's a long road to recovery.

Advertising Giant Wants To Hire Hippies With Thirds

weedsmokingThe head of advertising company Ogilvy has called for anyone with a third or 2:2 to “finish your joint and come and work for us!”

Rory Sutherland outlines his companies policy to hire people who don't fit the bill of a 'perfect' employee, he's looking for “hippies, pot heads and commies” and isn't interested in people who are serious and sober all the time.

Our Take: There's hope for everyone! We're not knocking those of you who worked very hard for your first class honours degree, but it is very refreshing to see a major company saying they want people who don't necessarily fit the mould.

Degrees Are Worth £100,000 in Additional Earnings

08 number money makingA new survey has revealed that a University degree is worth £117,000 in additional earnings for graduates.

However, that is spread over a graduates entire working life, and doesn't take into account the increase in fees in 2012.

Our Take: Despite the caveat of the increase in fees, it is reassuring to know that generally people are better off with degrees than those without them. Student money seems to have been looking up in recent weeks, barring that privatising student loans scare, let's keep it up!

British Public Are Wrong About Everything

Great Britain FlagThe British public are generally misinformed about the big issues, a new study by the Royal Statistical Society has shown. On key issues like benefit fraud, immigration, and pensions the general public have their facts completely wrong.

For example teenage pregnancy is thought to be 25 times higher than it really is, with people thinking about 15% of girls under 16 becoming pregnant each year, when really it's 0.6%

Our Take: We've all suspected this for awhile, people are idiots. It's hardly surprising when every issue is watered down to the very basics and then twisted suit someone else's agenda. It'd be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Machin's State: On Building Your Own Guitar

Building a guitarRecently a big commitment in my life has been building my own guitar. I'm quite obsessed with the instrument (and string instruments in general) but one guitar (or seven) just isn't enough. The desire for more guitars is always lurking just beneath surface, there's a different tone out there, a different make, shape, pickups, everything.

My latest obsession has, in an attempt to mimic my guitar heroes (Nels Cline, Lee Ranaldo and Tom Verlaine), is a Fender Jazzmaster. Not as universal as the Stratocaster or the Telecaster, and world away from the round, near symmetry of the Les Paul, Jazzmaster's (in the right hands) look and sound incredible. The problem is, as it always is, that I don't have the money for a Fender Jazzmaster, which the basic 'Classic Player' model retails at about £750. And who wants the basic model?

My solution is something I've been considering for quite awhile building my own guitar. I don't have a woodworking shop, have a basic understanding of how circuits work (thanks for that A in GCSE Systems and Control), and generally consider myself to have quite low practical skills. But I still think I can build a better guitar for cheaper than the factory issue Fender.

After some top eBay monitoring, I picked up the body for £32, and spent about the same on sandpaper, wood stain and finish. The results have been mixed, it's not a professional finish, but it is, rewardingly, mine. Next is the neck which I'm hoping to spend about £70 on, and then it's the bridge, pickups, scratchplate and the rest of the hardware. That's budgeted to be about £300, buying higher quality gear than the factory issue would have.

Which should mean; a saving of about £300 in total; a new hobby; and a kickass, completely unique guitar. If you're interested in following my guitar build check out my Instagram Feed (fair warning, there's probably going to be some other nonsense on there as well) or have attempted something similar of your own, get in touch through the comments.

...And that's the state of the Machin.


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