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Top A-Level students may be “bought”

It has emerged this week that under the new system universities could end up in a bidding war for top A level students.

Universities will risk loosing funding if they cannot get the same amount of AAB students as the current intake. This has all been bought about by universities being allowed to accept an unlimited number of top students.

This move will almost create a market of top students which universities will compete for in a number of ways in order not to loose funding.

Students will be offered bursaries and cut price courses for getting top grades irrespective of their household income. Although, there may be more pressure to attract top level students from a low income background.

The shadow universities minister has bought up concerns about the new system stating:

"Money which might have been earmarked in the past to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds go to university is instead used to try and help recruit people with very good grades."

Ministers opposing the fight for top level students have claimed that it is the governments attempt to make some universities drop prices in order to compete.


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