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This budget gin just swept the floor at a top spirits competition

Love gin? Forget your expensive Tanqueray - these own-brand budget bottles just stole the show at this year's International Spirits Challenge.
ginTurns out budget supermarket Aldi is not only the highest-paying supermarket in the UK, but they're also stocking the best gin in the country - having just walked away with four awards in a prestigious international spirits competition.

The German retailer’s own-brand gin, Oliver Cromwell London Dry, is now officially the UK’s best, having beaten off stiff competition from other ‘top’ brands that can cost up to six times the price.

At just £9.97, Aldi showed the gin-loving world that price doesn't always dictate quality. The budget bottle showed up many of the boutique brands included in the competition, overtaking the likes of Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve 2nd Edition - which retails close to £65!

And if that wasn’t impressive enough, the supermarket’s two other own-brand gins - Topaz Blue Premium (£13.99) and Darnley’s (£25.00) - also took silver and bronze awards respectively.

Safe to say, your pre-drinking sessions just got the gold seal of approval. We always knew you had good taste.

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The rise of gin

best gin and tonicWhilst gin went out of fashion many years ago, it's surged again in popularity in recent years.

So much so that the Government have decided to include it - along with other luxury items that are popular amongst students - in the annual inflation basket for the first time in 13 years.

The inflation basket is used to determine the rate of inflation each year, and therefore the cost of living in the UK.

5 other things Aldi does better - and cheaper!

Budget-SupermarketsIt's worth knowing that gin isn't Aldi's only speciality when it comes to offering quality products that put more expensive brands to shame.

Here are a few of our favourites:

  1. Candles - Aldi launched a new range of candles earlier this month said to look and smell exactly like Jo Malone’s. Naturally, shoppers went into meltdown mode and they sold out within minutes on launch day. And at £3.99 - compared to Jo Malone’s £44 - who can blame them?
  2. Prosecco - another tipple that’s risen in popularity of late. So much so, that there have been loads of ‘shortage’ scares over the past couple of years. Thankfully, they’ve never materialised! At just £34.74 for a case of six of Aldi’s Belletti fizz (or £5.79 a bottle) we’d take that over Perlage Canah any day - which retails at over £90 per bottle. Ouch!
  3. Laundry detergent - the bane of every student’s life, and it hurts even more when you realise how much your Mum has been spending on the stuff all these years. Instead of frittering the pennies away on Ariel’s Colour Washing Liquid (£6.00), save a shed load by opting for Aldi’s Almat gel at just £1.75.
  4. Steak - it’s good to take a break from baked beans sometimes (although only sometimes), which is where everyone’s favourite meat comes in. Aldi’s Wagyu ribeye hit headlines last year for its £7.29 price tag. The same cut of meat would cost an eye-watering £90.80 at a top London steakhouse. Yikes!
  5. Amaretto - at just £4.79 a bottle, no student’s cupboard is complete without some sweet almond liqueur to take the taste of all those nasty shots out your mouth. That’s where Aldi’s Bellucci comes in - give us that over Disaronno at £14.00 any day. Cocktail night just got a whole lot more affordable!

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