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Behind The Royal Wedding 2011

It’s now only a week until the 2011 Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and the country is in a frenzy of excitement and anticipation.

If frenzy means producing as many novelty items and souvenirs as humanly possible with Will's and Kate’s faces plastered on the front, then yes that’s the right word. Other than that, are we excited about the Royal Wedding? Have you been invited to the street parties that marked the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana so poignantly in our parent’s generation?

It was this clearly now out dated vision of what a Royal Wedding is, that had me excited for the nuptials of the couple of the moment (Prince William and Kate Middleton, not Mark Wright and Lauren Goodyer). But since I’ll probably end up watching it sipping from a Wills and Kate tea cup and saucer that I will purchase for the occasion, I’m not overcome with anticipation.

The Royal Wedding will do three things:

  • Mark the year- 2011 will always be “Ah yes I remember, that was when Prince William got married”. For everyone else who gets hitched this year, including my best friend, it will be “Crikey you got married the same year as Prince William and Kate Middleton? Well you won’t forget that will you.”
  • Make the pioneers of the novelty products that we the consumer will snap up like hot-cakes, a royal mint.
  • Cheer up a country in recession, because who doesn’t love a good royal wedding?

If like me you are willing to acknowledge the more cynical aspects yet embrace the Royal Wedding for what it is, then take a peek at the best in Royal Wedding souvenirs below.

The Cost of the Royal wedding 2011

In this day and age we’re hardly monarchy orientated, but rather they are interesting to read about because they’re so different from us. We are thrilled when one of the Prince’s does something vaguely ordinary because it brings us closer to them. Of course they aren’t like us one bit they were raised by a Prince and Princess for heavens-sake, in actual castles and palaces up and down the country.

Their gran owns all the swans!

But they’re our monarchy, and if you’re honest with yourself you wouldn’t turn down a chance to meet the Queen, she’s definitely the best one.

If you need another reason to warm to the Royal family, Prince William’s wedding is estimated to bring into the economy a whopping £620 million. The Royal Wedding itself is estimated to cost £10 million while his mother and father’s Royal Wedding back in 1981 cost £30 million. Another bonus, it is likely that the taxpayer will cover the cost for security with the father and gran of the groom expected to be chipping in with the rest.

So what’s left for the subjects of the land to think about? Your jolly old souvenirs that’s what old chap, pip pip!

Funny Royal Wedding Souvenirs

The Corgi Coat  >>





The Well Posh Mug >>





Royal Wedding Fridge >>






Your Sick Bag for the big day >>






For the Wedding Night  >>






Take advantage of the day off, have some fun and enjoy the Royal Wedding to whatever degree you please.


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