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The Open University win University Face Off 2012

Strong student communities are the key to success

The second year of the student Facebook contest University Face Off has seen The Open University crowned as the 2012 champions, and by some margin. Title holders from the first round, Aberystwyth University, fell a place in the leaderboard to second, with Keele University holding on to third position.

Over 25,000 students from a total of 143 British universities proudly voiced support their support this year.

Once again, many of the regular toppers of traditional university league tables were left standing by a pioneering group of institutions with a strong sense of community. The University of Manchester managed 27th place, whilst the Oxbridge universities did not even feature in the top 100. It was the unrivalled community spirit of students from the OU – many of whom study remotely - which powered the proud students to support their university to the top spot.

A spokesperson for the Open University said:

“We have been overwhelmed by the support our students have shown to the OU in the University Face Off this year, and are very grateful for it. We have the unique ability to offer higher education to students who would otherwise find it difficult to study. It’s great to see how this opportunity to learn goes beyond studying to creating strong social ties between students. We look forward to the same success next year!”

In recognition, The Complete University Guide has been involved in this year’s contest. Students taking part in the contest have been encouraged to review their universities for the Guide, which publishes its own tables in a few months time.

Several students this year took away some fantastic prizes for supporting their universities. The sponsored prize pool included the new Apple iPad 3, an iPod Touch, trips to Ibiza and a £300 speaker system.

The rapid growth of social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, layered with University Face Off, is empowering students to come together and support their universities in a public arena. This in turn goes a long way to boost the profile of universities which are often sidelined by a preference for academic traditions in other league tables.

University Face Off is managed by the team behind the student money site Save the Student! The idea was borne out of a desire to rekindle positive sentiment towards our universities. This year the contest’s total reach exceeded 3 million.


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