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Tesco will give you a discount on your phone bill – if you’ll stare at loads of ads

Tesco mobile have announced they’ll be treating customers to a £36 discount, all you have to do is surrender your entire home screen.
Tesco have just launched a new app called Tesco Xtras, which promises to automatically deduct a £3 discount from your phone bill each month (that’s £36 a year for anyone particularly bad at arithmetic) provided that you agree to view a full page ad when you unlock your smartphone.

The latest addition to Tesco Mobile’s offerings, Xtras comes after rival mobile operator Three Mobile did the flip – instead offering customers an ad-blocking service in order to gain favour.

But what’s more important to you – saving money on your bill, or never having to stare at pesky ads on your phone?

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How it works

phone billlIn downloading the app, you’re automatically opting in to be shown a full-screen ad on your phone when you unlock the keypad. We’ve been told that you won’t see an ad every single time you unlock, but more like every third time or so you go to use your phone.

You have the option to click a cross in the corner of the ad at any time to exit, so you won’t be forced to wait it out like some video ads notoriously torture you into.

You’ll also never see the ads when you’re in the middle of using your phone, apparently – they'll only appear when you first unlock your phone.

Note that Xtras is currently only available for Android via Google Play. You won’t find Tesco Xtras in the app store, as Apple has it’s own rules about advertising that Xtras doesn't comply with.

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Is it worth it?

Finger with a question markCredit: Tsahi Levent-Levi – Flickr
Whether Tesco's latest deal is worth the hassle all depends on how much you hate ads!

The quality and relevance of the advertss will also play a large part in determining the success of the service. If they’re tailored to suit customer interests or needs, there’s a chance these ads could even come in quite handy – particularly if they can let users know about any good deals and discounts in other areas.

We've heard that geolocation will be used in order to improve relevancy, so this is a sign that this might be the case.

However, if the ads are irrelevant to the customer, it’ll just be a matter of time before users are offering to pay them just to get moment’s peace!

On top of the £3 discount each month, Tesco will also be offering an additional 200MB of data each month so that the ads don’t eat into your data allowance… eeer, thanks?

Ads will also be automatically disabled if you travel outside of the UK, so you won't be charged extra.

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