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Tesco Ending BOGOF Offers, easyJet Opens Discount Store, Facebook To Get A Dislike Button…

Tesco scrapping BOGOF offers


Tesco are ending buy one get one free/get one half price offers to keep up with the new big boys of the supermarket world - Aldi and Lidl.

Tesco are looking to focus more on price cuts instead of temporary offers so they stay consistently cheap.

Our take: Aldi and Lidl are really growing in popularity, especially among students. You can go there knowing how much things will cost as the prices are cheap and rarely change. Sometimes BOGOF offers are good - but they can also lead to more waste, and higher costs. Finding it hard to cut down on your grocery shopping? We have a guide to online shopping as well as money saving tips on supermarket shopping so you can save money for more important things like shoes and chocolate.

easyJet opens a discount store


Move over Poundland - easyJet are venturing in to the world of discount stores!

Called easyFoodstore (catchy name...), they promise to offer really good bargains to rival other discount retailers. They've already opened a branch in Park Royal in London, and for one month only all items are just 25p!

Our take: We here at STS obviously love bargains, and this is a very interesting idea! Hopefully they'll be rolled out across the country, but until then, try Approved Foods which offers cheap food that are out of date (but safe to eat!)

Complaints about energy companies rise

switch energy

The Energy Ombudsman says that complaints about energy companies have risen by almost a quarter compared to the previous year.

Complaints rose by 23% last year, meaning 2015 saw the highest number of complaints received in one year by the Ombudsman. More than 65,000 complaints were made about energy firms. 83% of complaints were regarding incorrect bills.

Our take: Wow - that's a lot of complaints and it shows that energy companies really need to brush up on their customer service skills and their ability to calculate bills! Most bills are meant to be based on usage but it can go really wrong and suddenly you owe hundreds of pounds. If you think your bill is wrong - tell them. Never be afraid to complain especially as it could save you money, time and stress in the long run. We have a brilliant guide to complaining to help you get the best results.

Facebook will get a dislike button (kind of)


A lot of Facebook users have been begging for a dislike button for years now. After all, it is pretty awkward 'liking' a post about your friend's nan dying. A Dislike button is absolutely necessary - and now Facebook have listened! Well, sort of...

Facebook will be releasing Reactions, which are emoticons that will help people express just how they feel about a post. Reactions will be activated by holding down the Like button and selecting an appropriate emotion. Currently, however, Reactions is only available in Spain and Ireland.

Our take: Looks like this is the closest Facebook fans will get to a Dislike button. We wonder what emotions will be included? Will there be a 'who cares?' button when people post pictures of food? Hope so...

Train station cat gets a promotion

felix train cat This last story is not only the cutest, but it also shows that you should always aim big and reach for the stars.

Whether you want to teach English abroad or get a graduate job, you should follow in Felix the cat's footsteps who has managed to secure not only her dream job but also a promotion!

Felix has been working at Huddersfield Train Station in Yorkshire since she was 9 weeks old as a rodent repellent. Five years later and she has been given a promotion to Senior Pest Controller, as well as a snazzy hi-vis jacket and a name badge. She has also been spotted working behind the customer service desk.

Our take: She wanted to eat mice for a living and she went and did it! Maybe we should all be like Felix and work that little bit harder to achieve our dreams.


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