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Student News

Tesco cuts prices and other supermarkets may follow

It has emerged today that Tesco will be slashing 4,000 of its every day products at a cost of £500million. This is great news for students all over the country.

Known as "The Big Price Drop", this tactic will strike frenzy up and down the high street to lower prices, most notably their competitors like Sainsburys, ASDA and Morrisons. This comes as great news when the inflation rate shows no sign of slowing down on products such as corn, weat etc. (that are ingredients in most staple foods).

What's more, Tesco has signed up with top companies such as Alton Towers to offer great deals that Save The Student will no doubt be looking out for to tell you about.

Milk, bread, fruit and veg are just some of the staple food items that will be slashed. Tesco have also stated that they wish to ditch confusing and misleading offers and instead promote simple low prices.

Morrisons supermarkets have seen a huge growth in recent months due to their low prices and Tesco are looking to grab this back.

The benefit to students is a huge lowering in the cost of their weekly shops allowing them to spend more on other luxuries.


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