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Teen Saves Money Going Home Via Berlin, New Misleading Broadband Rules, Ice Creams To Shrink…

 A-levels not only route to uni


Although they are the most popular route to get in to university, Ucas are reminding people that there are other qualifications that count towards the all-important Ucas points.

Last year, a quarter of all students from England who were accepted on to a uni course had at least one BTec qualification. This is compared to just 16% in 2008.

Our take: More and more students are not doing the traditional 3 A-levels, and there's nothing wrong with that! Other qualifications exist at college for a reason, and loads can be used to go to uni. Qualifications such as BTecs are also great if you don't want to go to university - there are many alternatives to uni out there!

Tougher rules for misleading broadband ads


The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is clamping down on telecoms companies who advertise 'free' broadband that sneakily comes with pricey line rental.

From the end of May, firms will have be much more transparent about the cost of line rental, contract length and any upfront fees. ASA hope that this will help customers get the best deal for their broadband and not to mislead them.

Our take: We've all seen the adverts - broadband companies offering free broadband but with often ridiculously expensive line rental. It can make working out the best deal quite hard, but luckily for you we've put together a broadband comparison guide to help you save money!

Brantano goes in to administration


Shoe store Brantano has gone in to administration, putting 2,000 jobs at risk.

Brantano are the first big retailer to go in to administration this year, but bosses say that it will be business as usual whilst they hope to find a buyer. Shoppers can still use Love2Shop vouchers and can buy and return shoes for the time being.

Our take: Well, I must say my mum is devastated by this news as she loves Brantano's range (she has tiny feet). They're a great discount store, and we really hope that the chain can be saved and jobs won't be lost.

Card Factory uses handle-less bags to avoid 5p fee

carrier bag

Cheap card shop Card Factory are managing to get round the 5p carrier bag fee in a very cheeky way - they've cut off the bag handles!

Since October, shops in England have had to charge customers for plastic carrier bags. However, they cannot charge for bags without handles, so Card Factory customers are getting free bags (which seems like a luxury since the charge was introduced). Card Factory still has 5p bags - complete with handles - for customers to buy.

Our take: This is so sneaky but kind of genius on Card Factory's part... but is it right? The whole point of the bag fee is to reduce the amount that are thrown away. Handle-less bags are pretty useless and not really reusable, meaning more will just be thrown away. Plus the 5p goes to charity, not to the shop... so maybe they're not really such a good idea? What do you think?

Ice creams to shrink to 'save calories'!

cat ice cream

Unilever - who own delicious treats such as Feast, Magnum, Cornetto and Ben & Jerrys, have announced that they are reducing all ice creams to make them 250 calories or less. Why? Because they're killjoys. That, and they care about the health of its customers or something stupid like that...

When we say Ben & Jerrys, we only mean the single portion tubs (not the big pots, which are also single portion if you ask us). They'll be reduced from 150ml to 100ml which is a 33% decrease, but prices will only drop 26%. Other ice creams, such as Magnum Infinity Chocolate, will be discontinued.

Our take: Hmmmm.... why are they doing this? Do they really care about the nation's health, or is this just a way to cut costs? Do you think it's okay for a company to say how many calories a person can have as a treat? If you need to burn off a big ol' tub of B&J, we have some great tips on how to lose weight (however, this may include not eating ice cream).

Teen flies to Berlin to save money

Fly-Together18-year-old Jordan Cox (coupon hunter over at Money Saving Expert) has gone a long way to make a point.

He needed to get from a business meeting in Sheffield to his home in Essex but found the train was too expensive (a feeling we all know too well) - so he flew to Berlin for a quick visit and came home for less than the price of a train ticket.

By going home via the German capital, Jordan managed to save £8. That includes a currywurst for lunch...yum?

Our take: Okay, it's not environmentally (or time) friendly - but how insane is it that he managed to save money by detouring to Germany?! If you want to save money, you have to be creative... or you could just be lazy and look at our guides on getting cheap train tickets and coach travel.


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