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Students turning to prostitution

A recent report has revealed that an increasing number of students are turning to prostitution to fund their studies. The ‘worrying’ report also found that students are taking a variety of other dangerous measures to help afford the high costs of University life.

The National Union of Student’s findings identified that many are taking part in medical experiments as well as working in the adult industry to fund their studies. Statistics show that around 20% of women working in lap dancing clubs are students. Many turn to jobs of this sort because of high wages and hours that do not clash with university study.

Figures suggest the numbers of those turning to these industries have increased rapidly since the Government announced plans to raise tuition fees from September 2012. As many as 16% of students admitted they would consider a job in the sex industry if it eased the financial burden of higher education.

These disturbing statistics have led to further criticism of the coalition Government’s decision to increase tuition fees and axe the Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) earlier this year. The Government was successful in scrapping EMA despite strong opposition, claiming it was ‘poorly targeted’.

The Government has refuted claims that it has committed any financial wrong-doings, insisting that a ‘generous package’ is still on offer for students. Despite assurances, the real-life financial pressures of further study appear to be taking their toll on UK students.

However, The English Collective of Prostitutes, a London based helpline admit that they hold the Government ‘responsible’ for the alarming figures and claims that  the coalition
are more than aware of the lengths some students are going to in response to the cuts.

However it would be ignorant to claim that this growing trend is a phenomenon that has only become prevalent in the last twelve months. Reports dating back far before the coalition have spoken of the same issue and it is true that there are students who have turned to these types of work well before the economic downturn.

Are these latest reports rehashed in a bid to dent a further blow to David Cameron and his Government? Or are these reports telling of a trend that will only continue to grow in relation to the increasing financial pressures of student life?


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