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Students Turn Wee Into Energy, Grads Promised Jobs, Amazon Ad Banned…

Graduates Promised Good Jobs

Unemployed-GraduateGoing to uni is one thing – but half way through, you’ll think (and probably be asked by your parents) about what you will do afterwards. It’s a scary thought, and it’s also never too early to think about.

One path you can take is to get a graduate job, and more companies are looking to recruit graduates than ever. It’s been predicted that graduate vacancies will be at its highest in a decade this year, and starting salaries will rise too. Not such a scary thought after all!

Our take: You spend three years studying for a chance of a better job. Okay, it doesn’t always work out that way, but more companies are taking on graduates than ever and that’s obviously great news. Competition for graduate jobs can be intense, so remember to apply early and look for job opportunities frequently. Luckily, we have a HUGE list of graduate schemes for 2015 to give you a head start.

US colleges must prove courses are worth money

American-Uni-CostIf you think £9k a year fees are too high – just think about your counterparts across the pond, who face having massive uni fees and student debt. Plus, there’s always that fear that university may not be worth it.

From July 2015, US colleges will be tested to see if their courses are actually providing value for money and their alumni get good jobs afterwards. Their education department hope that this will protect graduates from low paying jobs or unemployment.

Our take: Not all courses are created equal, unfortunately some degrees are not in high demand – and courses vary from university to university, so the quality isn’t always the same. It makes absolute sense that places who offer higher education show that their courses are worth it. Maybe the UK should consider a similar scheme – how many of you think your degrees are worth the money? Especially when they cost this much per hour.

Amazon Prime ‘free trial’ ad banned

Banned-AmazonHave you ever received a letter from Amazon offering a free trial of Amazon Prime? The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have now banned the letters because it was misleading customers about the cost of the subscription.

Amazon Prime offer a 30 day trial, but if you forget to cancel then you will be charged an eye-watering £79 for a year’s subscription – the letters Amazon send simply say “Paid subscription starts automatically after free trial” in teeny-tiny font at the bottom, with no mention of the fee.

Our take: Some people will say that this is value for money, especially if you use Amazon a lot. The good news is that students can get a 6 month free subscription – just remember to cancel it!

UWE students turn wee in to energy

wee-energyThe University of West England (or UWE – haha, get it?!) have introduced ‘Pee Power’ toilets on campus – they use microbial fuel cells to convert urine in to energy.

Without getting too science-y on the subject, the microbial fuel cells feed on the wee (yum yum) and converts it in to electricity. The ‘Pee Power’ toilets are prototypes at the moment, but it is hoped that they could help people in third world countries.

Our take: Sure, it’s slightly strange – but we do need alternative ways of producing electricity. It makes sense using waste, but still… it’s kind of gross.

Fairies are evicted from their homes

evict-fariesQuite a sad story this week – hundreds (maybe even thousands) of fairies who have set up home in Wayford Woods in Somerset will soon be evicted as there are just too many of them.

Okay, not strictly speaking. Lots of fairy doors have been installed by locals at the trunks of trees, with some children leaving notes for the fairies. Trustees of Wayford Woods will get rid of some of the doors, especially the very glittery and ‘garish’ ones. Nothing like breaking the hearts of children, huh?

Our take: The locals just wanted to provide a bit of magic – but okay, maybe there are too many fairy doors. At least more people would visit the woods just to see the fairies, or perhaps people should just put one in their garden instead…


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