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Student News

Students Put Off Studying Abroad, Budget Announced, Librarian Sacked For Harlem Shake

Lack of Info Puts Students Off Studying Abroad

abroadA study has found that many students are put off studying abroad due to lack of information. Many fear that it is too expensive or that the language barrier would be too difficult to cross, even if studying overseas would be a boost to job prospects. Only 24% of UK students felt they had enough information to make an informed decision about studying abroad.

Our Take: Studying overseas can be a great experience and it's a real shame that students here don't feel they know enough to take the leap. Part of the benefit of studying abroad, however, is not knowing everything, new challenges and fitting in with different cultures will make you a more rounded person in the long run. Check out our section on studying abroad if you're considering it.

Part Time Student Rate Falls

decreaseThe number of people studying for part time degrees in the UK has fallen dramatically in the past few years. Since 2010 there has been a drop of 40%, roughly working out to be about 105,000 less part time students.

Our Take: This looks like a classic case of the tuition fees strike again! And here we were thinking we'd get through an entire news round up without mentioning them.

George Osborne Announces The Budget

thebudgetToday is a big day for the economy as Vice Chancellor George Osborne announces the budget. The politician has claimed he wants to tackle the economies problems head on, but as his previous plans have included the shocking decision to raise tuition fees, there are many who are critical of the government's financial policy.

Our Take: We'd put the chances of there being anything positive on this budget pretty low, for students or the public in general. The BBC, NHS and Higher Education have already been targeted, what's going to be cut next?

Librarian Sacked After Harlem Shake Video

firedAn Oxford University librarian has been sacked after students performed the Harlem Shake in her library. Students are petitioning for the librarian, Calypso Nash, to be reinstated, claiming that she was not involved with organising the dance, nor could she stop the students once they had started filming.

Our Take: The Harlem Shake claims another victim, when will the madness end? It's clearly a sense of humour fail on the part of the University's decision makers. And the real story here? There's someone in the world called Calypso Nash! I'm sure you are bored of the Harlem Shake as much as we are, so you definitely won't want to take a look at Save The Student having a go at it.


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