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Students Protest Tuition Fees, Professor of Lego, Amazon Opening Real Shop…

Students Protest Against Tuition Fees

grants not debt tuition fee protest 15

Thousands of students protested on 4th November in London, calling for tuition fees to be scrapped and maintenance grants to be reinstated.

The maintenance grant will be scrapped for new students starting September 2016, and the maintenance loan will be increased to a maximum £8,200. The protest, called Grants Not Debt, wants education to be free.

Our take: The maintenance grant has helped many students go to uni who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it - but there are also grants, bursaries and scholarships available for lots of students. The bigger issue, of course, is tuition fees. In our Student Money Survey 55% of students said that they didn't think their course offered value for money. How can unis charge £9k for sub-par courses? That's the real issue.

Payday loan lenders refund borrowers

Payday loans regulation

Two payday loan companies, QuickQuid and Pounds to Pocket, have to refund almost 4000 customers after they lent them more than they could afford to repay.

The customers are due a share of £1.2million and will be contacted over the next few days by email and letter, some are due refunds and others will have their remaining balance wiped.

Our take: Payday loan lenders are not always responsible, as this story shows. We understand (especially as students!) money can be very tight sometimes, but with astronomical interest rates - can you afford a payday loan? We have fully investigated the truth about payday loans here for anyone curious or tempted to take one out.

Amazon Local deals closing

amazon local

Amazon Local, their version of a daily deals website, will be closing on 18th December. Users could buy local deals such as for restaurants and hotels as well as goods.

You can continue to buy vouchers as normal until it closes, and any vouchers that expire after this date will still be redeemable.

Our take: Booooo! And so soon after Bespoke Deals closed! Amazon Local have offered some cracking deals in the past, but we have a guide to other daily deal websites to help you find a new fave. Love Amazon? Did you know they have a 70% off section?

Cambridge Uni wants Lego professor

lego cat

Think you're a Lego expert? The University of Cambridge are looking for a Lego professor, who will be in charge of their own research department (we assume they will also be in charge of what play sets to build).

The post will be funded by the Lego Foundation and will look at researching child development. The job hasn't been advertised yet so you have time to perfect your CV (CV writing tips are here) but apparently a 9 year old girl has already applied...

Our take: This sounds like an awesome job, and one that a lot of us have been training for all our lives... Lego not your thing? Check out our guide to graduate schemes for more grown up jobs (please be aware they may not be as awesome as being a Lego professor).

Amazon opening real bookshop

amazon book shop

Sometimes you just need a book right there, right now, at internet prices (like when you forget to buy uni books...). Amazon will soon be extending outside of the virtual world - by opening a bookshop in Seattle.

The shop will sell the most popular books on the website for the same price as online. It's unclear if Amazon plan to open up more shops, but popular bookstore Waterstones have said that they hope the plan "falls flat on its face"... sounds like they're afraid of the competition!

Our take: This is awesome news! We hope they do open more branches, as we can see it being pretty popular. In the meantime, students can get FREE Amazon Prime for 6 months so you don't need to worry about hitting the spend for free delivery!


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