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Student News

Students Occupy Campus Building, Rail Fares to Rise, Cat Needed ID To Get His Parcel…

Students occupy building

occupy the cass

London Metropolitan University students have taken over a building because they are angry that the uni plans to sell it.

On Wednesday night, students entered the Central House in Whitechapel, which is home to the Cass art school. The uni say that they plan to have all of their courses on one site, but the students say that this will lead to job losses and cuts to courses.

Our take: The loss of a campus could, understandably, affect students if some courses are cut. Why would a uni want to scrap some courses and lose students? They should be fighting for students to come to their uni and not somewhere else! We hope the occupiers get a good result at the end of this and the campus stays open.

Record numbers of exam grades changed


More than 90,000 GCSE and A-Level grades were changed this year after challenges from students. That's an increase of 17% compared to last year's appeals, and it's also the highest number on record.

On the upside - fewer students were penalised for cheating in an exam compared to last year. At least there's some good news!

Our take: Most people remember getting their GCSE or A-Level results back and being disappointed by the grade. It's so demoralising when you know you've worked so hard (or maybe should have...) but these results show that sometimes the marker doesn't always get it right. No matter what qualification you're working towards - if you think you did better than your mark suggests, don't be afraid to challenge it!

Rail fares to rise by 1.1%


Bad news, everyone! Rail fares will rise by an average 1.1% in January next year.

The Rail Delivery Group (RDG), which represents train operators, says that the increase is the lowest in six years - but it's still an increase for the same service, which ain't cool.

Our take: Train tickets are already so expensive! Don't try and be cheeky and book any tickets you need in the New Year now, as you'll still pay the higher fare. Instead, check out our tips on getting cheap train tickets and consider getting a 16-25 railcard to keep the costs down!

Morrisons and Asda slashing petrol prices


Lucky enough to have a car at uni? You'll find that it will be cheaper to fill up for a few weeks as some retailers are cutting the cost of petrol to under £1. Anyone else old enough to remember when petrol was NEVER above a quid?!

Morrison petrol stations will be selling unleaded petrol for no more than 99.9p a litre, which is the lowest UK price level since 2007. Asda is also running a promotion this weekend, where you can fill up for 99.7p with petrol or 103.7p with diesel. Other retailers are expected to cut their petrol prices soon, meaning you'll have no excuses to ferry your mates around (or for your mum to drive up and get your laundry).

Our take: Having a car is the ultimate luxury for a student, and if you want to be part of the exclusive car-owning club, we have some tips on how to drive and buy a car on a budget but by the time you pass petrol may not be as cheap! For those already with a car, now is the perfect opportunity to actually have a full tank ! Don't waste the petrol, though - here are some ways to save money on petrol whilst driving.

Cat without ID couldn't get parcel

cat ted

Ergh, don't you just hate it when you miss a parcel? And then you have to scramble to find your ID and trek to your local Royal Mail office to get it? Now imagine you're a cat who doesn't have ID and probably shouldn't be receiving mail to begin with...

Ted the kitty received a cat advent calendar in the post from his owner's mum. Unfortunately, the parcel was addressed to Ted meaning he had to produce a form of ID to get calendar. Royal Mail have since confirmed that Ted can have his advent calendar, so he won't have to get revenge and send them a dead mouse in the post.

Our take: It's a sad day when a cat gets more post than you do... but Ted is a lucky kitty to get his advent calendar! Let's not get in to a discussion about how sad it is that he has an advent calendar - my cats get Christmas presents.


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