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Students lose Tuition Fee Battle

tuition fees 2012Two students that were fighting the rise in tuition fees in 2012 to £9,000 have lost their legal battle.

Callum Hurley and Katy Moore argue that the tuition fee rise is against equality laws as the new fees discriminated against ethnic minority and poor students.

Education should be an equal right for everyone and their argument is that this new fees system excludes some and benefits wealthier families.

Although the court stated that the government had not been fully successful with complying to their public equality duties, it would be unrealistic to reverse the rise in fees.

This may not appear a success but the students were happy with the outcome and were glad that the courts admitted that the government had made a mistake.

Among others, Liam Burns (the president of the NUS) has said that this is not the end of the governments unjust fee rise.


As you know Save the Student! has been against the fees rise from the start by hosting the largest petition against tuition fees in the UK.

Owen Burek from Save the Student! said:

"As the leading student money site we feel it's extremely important to keep track of these issues. It appears as if the government are not concerned about the unlawful rise in fees after rejecting numerous appeals such as our petition and this legal battle.

What Callum and Katy have done is an incredibly brave thing and here at Save the Student! we were willing them on all the way.

I feel as if they have succeeded in their battle to prove that the governments plans were unjust."

This brings up some interesting debate around the student loans saga that is still rumbling on long after applications for 2012 has closed.

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