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Student News

Summer jobs hunt, Rise in uni applications, Farts reduce risk of cancer…

86% of Students looking for summer jobs

Summer-JobAccording to our very own survey, students on average must find an extra £3,324 per academic year on top of their loans in order to make ends meet.

This has led to 86% of students looking to find summer work a survey by the Student Room has found.

Many of these jobs are considered unpleasant and 23% of students feel that working conditions are worse for part time and temporary members of staff.

Our take: If you can get your hands on a summer job then do. Not only will it boost your bank balance but it will also look great on your CV. All those skills you gain will be transferable and employers like to see that you’re not afraid of a little hard work. Oh, and you can find one here.

Uni applications still on the rise

Uni-applicationsUniversity applications are up 4% this year as 659,030 individuals have applied for places at university by the end of last month.

The latest UCAS figures show a rise in applications in England (3%), Wales (2%) and Scotland (3%).

Our take:  This continued increase in application is great news. Not too many prospective students have been put off by the hike in tuition fees!

Flatulence may reduce risk of cancer

Farting-CancerA study from the University of Exeter found that the hydrogen sulphide gas found in rotten eggs could reduce the risk of cancer, dementia, strokes, and heart attacks.

Hydrogen sulphide and therefore the magic compound, AP39, is also found in farts.

Our take: Who knew? Farts may actually be good for you (in small doses) despite that stinging in your nostrils. We strongly advise against going out of your way to deliver your newly discovered healing powers to the general public though- it may not be appreciated.

Frustration over photoshopped graduation pics

Photoshopped-gradsSuccess Photography, the official graduation photographers for over 100 UK universities, is now offering a “digital slimming” package as well as other photoshop options on their graduation prints.

This has caused outrage across the UK as students feel frustrated that the focus is now on how slim or attractive one looks at graduation rather than focussing on what graduation should be about - the culmination of years of academic achievement.

Our take: Oh come on! Everybody should be allowed one photo amongst the hundreds on Facebook and Instagram where they can look pale and bloated and sweaty (as most of us do after years of uni) and not be judged for it. There is an awful lot of pressure to look good at all times and graduation should be about so many other things; your degree, the friends you’ve made, the family who’s supported you and the life lessons you’ve learnt.

£140m spent on students from low income backgrounds

Poor-Student-RecruitmentNearly £140m extra was spent on attracting poorer students to university for the year 2012-2013 with the rise in tuition, a report states.

The Office of Fair Access report states that the extra was made up of £48m on a new scholarship programme, £30m on financial support and a massive £61.5m on outreach work.

Despite this there has been little progress in attracting students from poorer backgrounds to the most prestigious universities.

Our take: More students from low income backgrounds getting to university is a great thing. The more universities are willing to do to level out the playing field the better.


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