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Students Caught in the Act, Disabled Funding Cuts, Oxford shun poor…

Future Students to be Affected by Disability Cuts

disabilitysignAs the Disability Living Allowance is set to replace Personal independence Payments, many disabled students are worried about their future. The changes are set to come in in April, and there are fears that these changes could lead to drastic numbers of disabled people not getting the support they need.

Currently disabled students are supported by the Disabled Student Allowance, which aims to cover the extra cost of living with a disability, full time disabled students currently receive £70 a week. However the changes to the welfare system could see these funds disappear.

In 2012 30,000 disabled students entered higher education, a massive increase of 75% from 2004, but due to these cuts the number could fall in coming years.

Our take: All students deserve support throughout their time at university. Cutting the allowance of disabled students shows an ignorance of government to the difficulties students face and an almost willful exclusion of the disabled to society.

1000 Students 'too poor' for Oxford Uni

student payday loansMany hard working students have to turn down the opportunity to study a postgraduate course at Oxford University because they simply cannot afford it.

Despite having the academic qualifications to warrant a place, around 1000 students a year reject the offer for financial reasons.

This figure comes at a time when Oxford University has come under criticism recently for selecting its students on wealth rather than ability. The University has a policy which requires its prospective students to prove they have the assets to cover tuition fees, which could reach £41,000 as well as living costs.

Our take: Oxford University is one of the most prestigious and well recognised higher education institutions in the world, but this does not justify pricing themselves out of reach of everyone but the very richest. If you're clever enough to be offered a place, the University should be doing all it can to make sure you take it.

Orange Wednesdays Now Available Online

orangewedsTired of getting to cinema on a Wednesday only to see a massive queue for the film you want to see? Fear no more, Orange Wednesdays are now available to book online. Simply text FILM to 241 one as you usually would and enter your code when prompted online.

Unfortunately you can only use the code on Wednesdays, for a screening on the same day, so booking a long way in advance isn't an option. But being able to book online will certainly save you queuing time and you might just get some better seats.

Our take: This is great news and a relief, it was only a matter of time before Odeon introduced this to their system. We can't think of anything better than getting your seats early online, now if only you could reserve your (shockingly overpriced) sweets and drinks as well.

Students "get jiggy" on Camera at Safer Sex Ball

studentsexTwo students have been caught on camera having sex at a Safer Sex event at Exeter University. The video from CCTV cameras was then recorded onto a phone and has been doing the rounds on the internet ever since (you will have to search for it).

An investigation has been launched, not only into identifying the passionate couple, but also who could have got their hands on the confidential CCTV footage.

Stealing CCTV footage and sharing it on the internet is a serious offence, and many Exeter students are worried that security isn't good enough around the CCTV monitor rooms.

Our take: Perhaps, given how quickly this footage spread, students might be more careful about sex in the future, or at least check to see if there are any cameras around first. There is a fair amount of irony that a couple were caught at a Safe Sex event. Just remember, always use protection!


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