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Students Can’t Peel Veg, Are You Owed Energy Money?, Career Advice Needed…

More careers advice needed for students

careers-adviceThe National Careers Council has warned that the careers advice available to young people needs serious improvements.

The National Careers Service provides information face-to-face, but only for adults. School leavers can only use the information online or by phone line. The National Careers Council wants government funding to provide careers advice in school, to give students a more informed decision about their future.

Our take: The big ‘what do I want to be when I grow up?’ question is one we all face – but students need to decide if they want to stay in education or not. This isn’t always an easy decision, and sometimes you need personal advice, which can’t come from the Internet.

Waterloo Station graduate finds job

alfred-ajaniRemember the story of Alfred Ajani, the Coventry University graduate who gave out his CV at Waterloo Station? No? Well – he’s found a job!

Alfred waited at Waterloo Station during rush hour to promote himself, as he was struggling to find a job after graduating. He caught the attention of the Asoria Group, a recruitment company, and was offered a job on LinkedIn.

Our take: More and more graduates are struggling to find jobs that relate to their degree. Alfred went to extreme lengths and it paid off – showing creativity and intuition makes you stand out from the crowd and increases your chances of getting your dream job. Well done, Alfred – and best of luck to all the other graduates!

More students want luxury accommodation

luxury-student-accommodationMore students (and parents) are paying up to £400 a week for fancy accommodation – some of which feature gyms, cinema rooms and spas. Private accommodation companies are cashing in on every student’s wish of mould-free kitchens and working TVs, but at a ridiculous price.

The Money Charity has called the prices ‘irresponsible’, as a student receiving the minimum maintenance loan could only afford to live in the accommodation for nine weeks, and has expressed fears that expensive accommodation can put students in a difficult financial situation.

Our take: Students can barely afford accommodation already. There should be more affordable options that don’t encourage students to rely on credit cards or their parents for their rent.

Energy switchers can claim back

myenergycreditMajor energy companies have started the ‘MyEnergyCredit’ campaign, as many switchers are owed money.

The suppliers say that £153 million has been left unclaimed by customers who were in credit when they switched suppliers. If you’ve switched in the last six years – it might be worth ringing your old supplier to see if you are entitled to any money back.

Our take: A lot of companies keep quiet when you are in credit, so it’s no surprise that so much money is unclaimed.  At least they have started a campaign – better late than never, right? Also, you should switch and save now using our student bills comparisons...

Students can’t peel vegetables

students-cant-peelResearch by Sainsbury’s has found that half of students can’t make soup, and one in five can’t peel vegetables.  Half of the students surveyed also said that they don’t feel they can cut safely… wow.

Our take: We’re not sure if this is funny or sad. Of course it’s known that students aren’t always the best cooks (they clearly haven’t looked at our recipes and cooking guides), but the figures are still kind of shocking – especially not being able to cut safely. Home cooking can be awesome as well as money saving. It’s never too late to develop your skills!


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