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Student Voting, Pret Freebies, Sex Equals Money, Cheating Student…

Survey shows student voting intentions

election2015At study by the Students Politics Survey has revealed how students will be voting in the upcoming general election. The survey interviewed over 13,000 students, and the results show up some surprises. Their results showed that Labour and the Tories were equally popular choices for students, gaining 31% of the votes each.

The Green Party were the third most popular party with 25% of the vote and this may show that students are more interested in environmental issues and will be a pleasing boost for the Greens. After caving in and agreeing to tuition fee rises, the Liberal Democrats came out with just 6% of the vote – funny that?

Our take: These are great early indicators of how students will vote – and we hope many of you will be doing so! It’s not often we get a say in to how the country is run, so do your best to vote. We also hope that, in the years to come, more promises will be aimed towards students – we are the future, after all!

Fears over part-time student loss

dogwithdegreeThe head of the Open University, Peter Horrocks, has warned that there has been a 37% decline in UK part-time students over the last 5 years. When the tuition fees rose in 2012 (boooo!) there was a fall in applications to study in higher education.

Undergraduate applications have risen, however applications from part-time and mature students have fallen. He says that having the ability to study part-time helps more students in to education, and also benefits the economy.

Our take: Not everyone can afford to go to university full time – and that’s why part-time courses are great, and means more people can follow their dreams. People should be given more support to go to uni, whether it’s full time or part time.

Cheating student jailed

hackerA student at The University of Birmingham hacked into his uni’s computer system so he could get a better degree.

The student improved some of his exam marks including one from 57% to 73%. However, he was caught out when staff discovered a spying device on a staff member’s keyboard. He has since been jailed for 4 months.

Our take: That’s a pretty desperate measure to take to improve your grades. If you are struggling with an assignment, you can always ask for help at your university – or study more. We have some helpful tips here so you can write an awesome essay!

More sex equals more money (according to study)

sex-is-moneyA study by Dr Nick Drydakis at Anglia Ruskin University has found that people who have sex two or three times a week earn 4.5% more than those who have sex less often.

The study has also found that healthy employees also have more sexy times. Good for your immune system and you can earn more? How very intriguing…

Our take: Well, they are certainly very interesting results… Now you know why some people in your office don’t take sick days. You know what they get up to…

Pret gives free coffees to hotties

pret-freeHave you ever been in a Pret a Manger and been given a free coffee? No? Us neither. :’(

Pret’s chief executive, Clive Schlee, has revealed that staff members can give away a certain number of hot beverages and food per week to customers who are either really nice, or really, really, really ridiculously good looking.

Our take: We are actually kind of insulted – are you? We’re nice people… we aren’t ugly… are we? ARE WE?!


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