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Student News

Student Turns Loan In To Cash, Attractive Women Get Better Grades, Return Of The Sainbury’s Cat…

Student used his loan to get rich

salem the rich cat

Uni drop out Elijah Oyefeso is now living the dream, after using his student loan to invest in the stock markets. He's now rolling in money.

Eiljah was studying business management at the University of Buckinghamshire before dropping out to focus on making money. In a 'bad month' he earns £20-30k but refused to say how much he earns in a good month, but it's probably a lot of money.

Eiljah actually has so much money that he laughed off a crash last year between his gold Lamborghini and Bentley.

Our take: What, us? Jealous? No... Of course not! Fair play to him, he's successfully earning a living but did he really have to use his student loan? They're for rent and food, not to play around with... couldn't he have taken out a bank loan and taken a real risk?

British Gas closes cheap energy loophole

switch energy

Sainsbury's Energy are the same company as British Gas - they get their energy from them, but Sainsbury's was actually cheaper. It was actually possible to be with British Gas but pay around £200 less a year by going through Sainsbury's - crazy!

Well, that loophole has now closed. Sainsbury's have now raised their prices to match British Gas meaning new customers won't save by switching. If you're already with Sainsbury's and your tariff is fixed, you won't be affected. Otherwise - think about switching.

Our take: The prices have been raised because British Gas had to tell customers that Sainsbury's was cheaper - and why would they want less money? You can still beat them at their own game and find out if you're paying the best price for your energy here.

Attractive women get higher grades


According to researchers from the Metropolitan State University of Denver, pretty women get higher marks in exams and coursework than their less attractive counterparts.

Researchers grouped over 160,000 women into the categories 'more attractive', 'average', 'less attractive' (hope they didn't tell the women which group they were in!) and found that the 'more attractive' women received a grade that was on average 0.024 better than the 'less attractive' women.

Both male and female professors were found to be guilty of favouring a pretty face, but the researchers found that there was no bias when it came to attractive males.

Our take:  Did better than your friend on that tough exam? Maybe you're more attractive than they are (feel free to tell yourself that, anyway). Don't let an ugly mug stand between you and a First - we have some tips to help you get a top degree!

New charges for Tesco Direct collection orders

tesco direct

Tesco Direct (run by Tesco, obviously) have some pretty awesome deals from electronics to home furnishings. From February, however, there will be £2 charge on all Click 'n' Collect orders under £30.

If you have Tesco's Delivery Saver then you will still be able to pick up your Direct orders for free.

Our take: Trying to get customers to spend more money, eh Tesco? We know your game and it isn't cool! Tesco say that this move is so they can 'continue offering the convenience of picking up your order'... so why make us pay when other retailers don't?! £30 is a lot to spend, so this could drive away lots of customers.

Sainsbury's cat has returned

sainsbob cat

You may remember a few months ago we reported that a cat moved in to Sainsbury's (you should remember, because cats). Apparently, the cat - Olly Oliver - was a regular moocher in the Brockley branch of Sainsbury's. Well, he's back. And it appears that he's judging the contents of your shopping basket...

Olly likes to hang around when staff are reducing fish, but it is unclear if he ever actually gets any.

Our take: It seems like this cat is a pro shopper - he'll snag all of the best bargains! Be like Olly and find out how to be supermarket-savvy, but don't pick a cat fight with him in the reduced section... You'll probably lose.


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