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Student stuck in Bottle Bin, Morrisons Price Match, Repaying loan change?..

Student gets her head stuck in a bottle bin

Student-Bottle-BinRemember the student who got stuck in a clothes horse? Well, now a student at Southampton Solent had to be rescued by firefighters after she got her head stuck in a bottle bin. Yes, she was drunk.

Reports suggest that the fresher was either ‘looking for more alcohol’ or was bet £10 and a Big Mac to do it. Both are very tempting… but sticking your head in a bin? Nah thanks.

Our take: The student said that she "will never do that again", and we are glad to hear it! Wonder how long it will be until her friends (or the internet) stop reminding her about it 😉

Graduates ‘should pay back fees to universities’

Graduate Vacancies IncreaseA report by The Institute of Economic Affairs has suggested that graduates should pay a proportion of their future earnings to their university instead of taking out a loan.

The IEA says that the scheme would improve the standard of teaching and produce top graduates. Universities would have more of an incentive to invest time and money in giving careers advice and helping graduates in finding a job as the result would benefit the university.

Our take: A scheme like this could mean paying back more than the £9,000 a year fees – on the other hand, some students may pay back less. The cost of education could go up as there hasn’t been a suggested amount to pay back, and some students would take longer to pay – how do you put a price on education? Should a lawyer pay back more than a librarian, or simply finish paying off his education earlier?

Ombudsman warns not to underestimate cost of possession

burglaryThe Financial Ombudsman Services has warned not to underestimate the cost of your household possessions to your contents insurer.

They have warned that underestimating could mean a reduced pay out if you do need to claim on your insurance.

Our take: It sounds simple, but many people – students included – underestimate how much their possessions are worth. If, and we hope you never do, have a burglary you want all of your possessions to be replaced. That’s why you must ensure that, not only do you have the best value policy, but one that will cover what your contents are worth.

Morrisons to begin price matching

Morrisons-Price-MatchMorrisons are finally bringing out a loyalty card – and it will give you points if your shopping was cheaper at the big supermarkets as well as Lidl and Aldi. Awesome!

Called ‘Match and More’, the card will give you 10 points per 1p that your comparable shopping is cheaper by. It will also give you bonus points on featured products and fuel. When you reach 5000 points you can redeem for a £5 Morrisons voucher, although they hope to one day offer exchange points that you can convert into vouchers for days out.

Our take: It’s about time Morrisons offered a reward scheme! If you shop at Morrisons, then this is great news for you – if you don’t, then maybe this will provide an incentive for you to try (assuming you live near one).

College cancels party as students get drunk

Drunk-College-StudentsHills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge has cancelled its yearly no-alcohol Christmas party – because students at an earlier event arrived at the venue so drunk they had to go to hospital.

Five students were taken to hospital after pre-drinking for the start of year party, so the decision was taken to cancel the winter event. Party poopers!

Our take: It’s a rookie error to get THAT drunk before the party begins – hopefully the students learnt from their mistake and get the balance right next time…


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