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Student Protests, Virgin Price Hikes, New Gateway Drug, Student Stuck in Lift…

Students hold protest over uni fees

STS-protestsThousands of students marched through London on the 19th November to protest the rise in university fees, education cuts and student debt.

The Free Education march was backed by groups such as the National Group Against Fees and Cuts – but not the National Union of Students, whose building was sprayed with graffiti during the protest.

Police officers made 11 arrests, which ain’t bad considering there were thousands of protesters…

Our take: Maybe the government are starting to realise that students aren’t happy with rising fees and budget cuts. Maybe. Holding a demonstration is one thing that we can do in this country to show we aren’t happy – so why don’t we? Plus, this protest was nice and peaceful – yay for being on your best behaviour!

2 million apprenticeships created

ApprenticeshipsTwo million apprenticeships have been created since the last general election, which is great news!

A UCAS-style admission system will also be in place next year, which will hold a national database of available apprenticeships.

Our take: University isn’t for everybody – we get that. Apprenticeships are a great alternative to further education, and hopefully a new system will help more young people get a great job.

5.9% price rise for Virgin Media

Vrigin-Price-IncreasBoo, price rises 🙁 Bad news for Virgin Media customers, who will see their bills rise by an average 5.9% in February. Customers who aren’t happy with the increase (our guess is not many would be…) can leave penalty free – just tell Virgin Media by December, and then start looking for a better deal here.

Broadband only customers will not be affected by the hikes.

Our take: Price rises suck, everyone knows that. Remember though that you can often get out of your contract early when prices increase. The best way to show you’re not happy is to vote with your feet!

Students stuck in a lift sing Aerosmith

We are sure you’ve all been there – you’re stuck in a lift, you don’t know when you’ll be out. There are others there. To stop yourselves succumbing to cannibalism, you sing Aerosmith. Right?

Well, that’s what 9 students at UWE did after spending an hour trapped in a lift. They were drunk (in case that wasn’t obvious).

Our take: There’s only so much you can do in a broken down lift, the song choices could have been far, FAR worse. Like, Miley Cyrus bad.

Students suspended for having drugs… well, Smarties.

Smarties-DrugsThree students at a New Mexico school were suspended for 10 days for possessing Smarties. By Smarties, we mean the American version which are more like the little packs of Fizzers you get big bags of sweets.

Apparently, kids are crushing up the sweets to snort them. Seriously, what’s wrong with just eating them? The students involved insist that they were just blowing the dust at each other, but school officials have deemed the sweets as drugs.

Our take: Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a sugar high… but actually classifying the sweets as drugs? That’s just weird – almost as weird as the students not eating the perfectly good sweets to begin with! It’s just heartbreaking 🙁

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