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Student protest sends out message peacefully

The student protest on the 9th November 2011 passed by peacefully but still sent out a clear and direct message.

Organisers estimated that around 15,000 students joined in force to march to the financial district of London to prove their point. However, the police reported that the number of protesters was nearer 2,500.

Incidents were few and far between with the police stating that there were only 24 arrests due to breaches of the peace. Once darkness fell the protesters were said to disperse peacefully.

Many had initially marched to Trafalgar square to pitch tents as a form of protest but they were deterred by police who moved them on swiftly.

The usual chants like "no ifs no buts no education cuts" and "David Cameron F*** off back to Eton" were chanted as reported by the Guardian. Placards also covered the sky with messages such as "Scrap Tuition Fees."

The march was ultimately successful and thankfully did not lead to any severe criminal acts or violence. However, you have to ask yourself why there was such a low reported turn out compared to the numbers that were believed to turn up.

Many blame it on the NUS not backing the march explicitly and other say that the police scare tactics in terms of using rubber bullets scared many away.

Overall, the student march in London showed that a peaceful protest can have an impact.




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