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Student News

Student Night Breathlysers, Grad Jobs Up, Labour to half fees?, Ox. Uni email error…

2014 Grad job market to be strongest since Credit Crunch

2014 Grad job market

According to the latest research, Britain's biggest employers, such as Google and John Lewis, are lining up to fill over 18,000 graduate jobs this year.

The number is an 8.7% rise on 2012's graduate job market, and if the companies meet their targets, it will be the highest number of graduates recruited since 2007.

Our take: While this is firmly positive news, and it really is great to see that graduate jobs are out there, the harsh reality is that 350,000 students are expected to graduate this year. Meaning that even with more jobs on the market, you'll still have to be vigilant and dedicated while on your job hunt!

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Labour announce plans to halve student fees

Labour Half fees

A former Labour cabinet minister has warned that the current student finance system in the UK is unsustainable. John Denham, who was universities secretary under Gordon Brown claims that for every £1 spent of teaching at higher education institutions, £6 is spent cancelling student debt.

He suggests a number of solutions such as concentrated two year courses or making employers pay for degrees to train their workforce

Our take: We agree that UK student finance is getting out of control, we've only been talking about that for years on this site, and props to Labour for announcing plans to tackle the issue, if they get into power. Although they do have the liberty of making promises at the moment, and we all remember how Nick Clegg was against raising tuition fees...

£10bn black hole in loan sell off plan

Student loan sell off

Adrian Bailey, chairman of the Commons business committee, has spoken out against the government's plan to pay for 60,000 more university places by selling off the loan book for £2bn.

Bailey claims that student loans are only likely raise £2bn, and that significant tax payer subsidy would be required to plug the gap.

Our take: More student loan fun, this time from the other side. Who'd have thought that raising the fees, increasing the number of admissions and then selling the debt off at loss was a bad idea? Oh, everybody except the Chancellor.

Oxford Uni emails list of  'Poorly Performing Students' to their peers

Oxford uni email

An administrative error at Oxford University meant that a list of under performing students (and their exam results) was emailed to other students.

The names and marks of 50 students were included in an email that was supposed to inform students about upcoming exam timetables.

Our take: What's going on at Oxford? This is the kind of thing that happens at the University of Salford (don't worry, that's where I went, I'm allowed to insult it), not the world famous Oxford! Obviously it's mortifying for those unlucky students who had their, less than stellar results publicised, but it's also quite funny.

Breathalyser tests could become standard entry practice for Student Nights

Student night breathalyzer

After a successful trial run in Norwich city centre, breathalyser tests on the door, could become a common sight at popular student nightclubs.

Throughout the month of December, 28 of Norwich's clubs used the tests to judge if someone was too drunk to enter the venue. This could come as a shock students who are used to heavy pre-drinking sessions.

Our take: We want everyone to have a great night, and no one wants to be that guy/girl, getting into fights/harassing people so maybe the breathalyser test is a good thing. But not for everyone, give the breathalyser test to those who look like they need it? Let's, begrudgingly, give bouncers some credit here, they have years of experience spotting who's had a few too many.

State of the Machin: On New TV shows

TV in 2014

After the blow out of Christmas telly, it's nice to see things return back to the regular schedule and in the past week there have been some welcome, and some not so welcome returns to the TV.

Amazingly 'Splash!' seems to have been given a second series, which I'm fairly sure that no one asked for. It's almost like ITV isn't even trying anymore, they're laughing at us, they put rubbish on and we know it's rubbish, but we watch it anyway. Who's really taking the dive?

In slightly better news, 'Revenge' is back on E4, and after the fairly messy ending to Season 2, the show has refocused on what made it great in the first place. Rich, white people being catty with each other, rolling their eyes and throwing ridiculous parties for no reason. AND IT'S AMAZING.

In the space of five minutes, one character went from coming out of prison to parachuting into a swanky party in an all white suit to deliver a vial of poison to another character so she could make a third character think he's dying. Just watch it, okay?

Two of my comedy heroes, Vic & Bob, returned to the small screen with a refreshingly funny and incredibly silly studio sitcom called 'House of Fools'. I was giggling like a school girl throughout the first episode, and it gives me real faith in the studio sitcom. Until I see 'Mrs Brown's Boys' or the 'Big Bang Theory'...

And finally, the trailer for Season 4 of Game of Thrones is out. Originally this column was going to be a frame for frame breakdown of the trailer, but I thought that was probably a little tedious, even for this vanity piece.

Jaime has had a haircut, Tyrion has been arrested for something, are those dragons over Kings Landing? And get a load of the Red Viper with his hand in a candle like he doesn't give a...


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