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Student loans to change?, Minorities get less uni offers, Odd fruit is the future…

“Urgent review” of student loans is needed

Loans not saving moneyA recent report from MPs shows that the government loses 45p for every £1 in student loans. This has called for a major rethink as the “continued existence”of the system is under threat.

With the fees being increased to £9,000 it was estimated that 28p would be lost for every £1. These new figures have therefore come as a shock.

Our take: Looks like the increase in fees hasn’t bought more money into the higher education system. We hate to do this but we told you so!

Do students care about the selling of their debt?

Student-loan-privitisationAfter Vince Cable’s announcement that the Lib Dems have withdrawn their support for the selling of £12 billion worth of student debt Cherwell decided to look into how many students were aware of the government’s plan and how they felt.

The survey found that 41.3% of students were unaware that the government has been considering selling student debts even though 89.3% were against the selling of student debts.

Our take: Students need to be more aware of policies that will directly effect them. This is a perfect example! If student debt was to be privatised there’s nothing to prevent interest on them rising and future generations being left with the bill.

Ethnic minorities less likely to receive uni offers

Ethnic-Minority-StudentsMost UK universities boast fair admissions policies, but a recent study by the London School of Economics and Political Science revealed that black and ethnic minority prospective students are far less likely to be offered a place.

The study found that for every 100 applications Pakistani candidates received 7 fewer offers than white British applicants, and black African candidates received 5 fewer.

Our take: We think it is only fair that applications be anonymous. Individuals should be judged purely on their achievements. In fact, we’re surprised that nobody has thought of this before!

Boy gets degree in secret to surprise mum

Liam Blair, a recent graduate of Dundee University, has managed to keep his degree a secret for the past four years. From acceptance, to attendance to graduation his mother never suspected that he may be a student.

His mother could barely believe her eyes when he approached her in his graduation gowns and was convinced he waspranking her before bursting into tears of pride. Naaaaw.

Our take: We think this is lovely and would like to talk to Liam Blair about how on earth he managed to keep that from his mother for so long! It is a skill that would definitely come in handy.

Should supermarkets sell odd looking fruit & veg?

The video, by Intermarché, was posted on Reddit over a week ago that went viral and now has over 2 million views.

The interesting video highlights the amount of fruit & veg that is thrown away due to it just looking 'odd' and then offers a solution to combat the problem of this food waste.

Our take: This is a great initiative and at the very least it allows us, as consumers, to see how much we're currently shaped by marketing. We don't have much hope for this catching on though as the supermarkets won't want to make less profit... What's your opinion?


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