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Student News

Student Loan Drop, Cheryl’s Bday, Protests Banned, Free Phone Chargers…

Student loan rates likely to drop

Loans not saving moneyThe rate of inflation has fallen to 0.9%, which is down from 1% last month. Whilst that doesn’t seem like a lot – it could mean that you pay less on your loan repayments. Yay!

This isn’t definite, as inflation could go up – we will know in August when the rate is confirmed by the Government. Still, this is likely to be good news for 3.5 million students who are, or will be, repaying their loans.

Our take: Inflation, loans, statistics… they can be pretty confusing. You can find out more about student debt here, but to put simply, this means that you may be paying less on your student debt in September. Or you may not, it depends on the inflation rate – the good ol’ Government will let you know. On that note though – who will it be? Ooooooh….

Uni bans students from protesting

STS-protestsThe University of the Arts London (UAL) has won an injunction banning 15 of its own students from protesting on campus.

Members from OccupyUAL held a sit in back in March, protesting against their university’s plans to reduce the number of new students on foundation art and design courses. The NUS have condemned the uni’s decision to seek legal action against the protesters.

Our take: Peaceful protests are a way for many people to have their voices heard – how can an institution take away someone’s right to protest? It’s even more worrying that a university has decided to ban its own students from protesting, as many students are not happy with their uni, or how it’s run. This could put off students from other unis voicing their concerns, but then how will things change?


EE starts portable charger giveaway

EE-portable-chargerWe reported this a few weeks ago to give you a head’s up – but the day is here! EE have officially started giving away portable chargers to its customers.

The charger will enable customers to charge their phones on the go, but will need recharging after each use. Customers on a mobile contract are eligible, and pay as you go customers who have been with EE for three months. Get yours here!

Our take: Free stuff is the best type of stuff – and will help stop the dreaded 10% battery when you’re out and about… Or if you're lucky enough to be going Glasto.

Students told to give up their phones or leave uni

uni-ban-phoneThe president of Japan’s Shinshu University, Dr Kiyohito Yamasawa, has told 2000 new students to give up their smartphones or leave the university.

During a welcoming speech, Dr Yamasawa called smartphones “poisonous” and should instead “talk with friends and make it a habit to think by yourself”. Hardly a welcoming speech – but maybe he does have a point…

Our take: In such a technologically advanced world, we are becoming more and more dependent on our phones to find locations, speak to people and pass the time. University should be about interacting with students and finding out things, not about beating your Mum at that level of Candy Crush.


Cheryl confuses the internet with her birthday

Chery-QA normal conversation would go like this:

‘Hey, when’s your birthday?’

‘June 19th.’

But if you’re Cheryl, you will give 10 possible birthdays. Come on Cheryl, don’t be so difficult! It’s the maths question that has infuriated and reduced many people to tears trying to work out her birthday. The question was included in an exam for Singaporean students taking part in the Singapore and Asian Schools Maths Olympiads, aimed at 15 year olds.

Our take: Now we feel even stupider knowing that 15 year olds can figure this out… P.S. the answer is July the 16th. If you can work out how let us know below.


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