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Student Jailed For Bribe Attempt, Oxford Shark Show Criticised, Evidence Of Racism In Academia

Student Jailed For Trying To Bribe Professor

liA student at the University of Bath has been jailed for trying to bribe his dissertation tutor to the tune of £5000. When the tutor refused to increase the 37% grade, a replica handgun fell out of the student's pocket. Yang Li, the failing student, has been jailed for twelve months.

Our Take: Well, I think we've all had disappointing grades that we'd like to have changed. Going into a meeting with your tutor with £5,000 and a replica gun, that takes some serious courage. Not that we recommend anyone follow Yang Li's example, although that should really be clear anyway.

Oxford Ball Criticised Over Live Shark Plans

sharksStudents are planning to boycott a ball at Somerville College which wants to have a live shark tank as entertainment. Twelve students and graduates of the college have written to the principal asking that she intervene in the planning of the ball. There are concerns to the safety of the shark and whether it was born in captivity or captured in the wild.

Our Take: Is this a party for future Bond villains? A live shark, really? We were lucky to get a DJ at most of our club nights. Of all the recent stories coming out of Oxford recently, this is certainly the most bizarre.

Race Discrimination Still Prevalent In Academia

racismAccording to a new report, race discrimination in academia is still as prevalent as it was 20 years ago. The report has looked extensively into the careers of black and ethnic minorities finding that, in comparison to their white colleagues, they felt they had to work harder to achieve the same recognition.

Our Take: Considering the vast changes in society over the past twenty years, it's shocking that our universities haven't moved at the same pace. The only thing that should matter when people are being considered for jobs or places in the higher education system should be academic merit, not the colour of their skin.

Nationwide Building Society's Online Banking Fails

nationwide1Customers trying to bank online with Nationwide Building Society have been unable to because of a computer error. Many students who use the online banking system to pay bills, rent or transfer money have been let down by what the Building Society have described as “one-off human error". You can check out our tips for the best student bank accounts.

Our Take: We know that online banking isn't the only way to bank, but it is the easiest, and often the most helpful. Maybe we could all do with relying on the internet less, but if you offer online services you have to make sure that the services work perfectly all the time.


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